YPO - Membership Requirements & Overview


YPO, formerly the Young Presidents' Organization, was founded in 1950 by Ray Hickok as a means for CEOs and company presidents to network and socialize with their peers. YPO has since grown to more than 27,000 members worldwide, with more than 450 local and regional chapters in 130 countries. YPO member businesses employ 22 million people and have a combined revenue of $9 trillion USD.

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YPO Key Information:

Year founded



Ray Hickock


Irving, Texas

Number of employees

201 - 500


1 (972) 587-1500


600 East Las Colinas Boulevard, Suite 1100, Irving, Texas 75039 USA



YPO Can Be Found At:

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How do I apply for YPO membership?

YPO membership is by invitation only, and the membership criteria is fairly strict. YPO membership is only granted to company Presidents, Chairmen of the Board, CEOs, Managing Directors, or Managing Partners, and those leaders have to be younger than 45. YPO also lists requirements as to what constitutes a corporation. A qualifying corporation must meet one "A" and one "B" requirement:

  • "A" Requirements:

    • The corporation must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees, OR:

    • The corporation's total compensation to all employees (excluding the candidate) must exceed $2 million USD with at least 15 employees.

  • "B" Requirements:

    • The corporation must meet dollar volume requirements based on the type of business: sales/service/manufacturing must have at least $13 million USD in gross annual sales or turnover; financial institutions must have average annual assets of at least $260 million USD; agency-type businesses must have annual fees of at least $10 million USD; OR:

    • The corporation must have an enterprise value of $20 million USD based on either net assets minus depreciation, independent third-party valuation, or the sum of the corporation's public equity value plus debt less cash.

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How much are YPO's membership fees?

YPO's membership fees for the current fiscal year are $3,525.00 USD. There is also a one-time initiation fee of that same amount. Local chapters may also have dues beyond the general YPO membership fees, and those can vary by chapter.

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What is YPO Gold?

YPO Gold is the "graduation" organization for YPO. Gold chapters accept members who more than 50 years old, and have reduced membership fees based on age range. YPO Gold allows older members of YPO to maintain YPO connections up to and beyond retirement.

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How do I get in touch with my local YPO chapter?

You can either contact one of the 14 YPO regional chapters or simply search "YPO" plus "[city or locality]", as some (but not all) of the local chapters have their own sites. Here are a few of the local YPO chapters' websites:

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What is a YPO Forum?

YPO Forums are small groups of YPO members who meet to discuss matters in absolute confidentiality. The issues discussed can be business-related or personal. There are also YPO Forums for YPO members' spouses or partners and for YPO members' adult children.

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What is YPO Edge?

YPO Edge is the annual global conference of YPO members. The last YPO Edge was held in Cape Town, South Africa, and covered issues concerning tech and its role in business and society. Past YPO Edge speakers have included Sir Richard Branson, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Aung San Suu Kyi, Steve Wozniak, and Trevor Noah.

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