Y Combinator - Hacker News, Key Information & Overview

Y Combinator

Y Combinator is an US-based seed funding organization or seed accelerator that, twice per year, invests a small amount of money in a large number of startups. Their funding periods, or batches, run from January through March and June through August. Founders of approved startups move to the Bay Area to work at Y Combinator for the duration of the three months, during which they work on their idea and prepare for the next round of funding or acquisition.

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Hacker News:

Y Combinator's [Hacker News]9https://news.ycombinator.com/) is a conglomerate news site that consists of hundreds of articles specific to tech startups.

Y Combinator Key Information:

Year founded



Andrew Levy, Jessica Livingston, Paul Graham, Robert Morris, Trevor Blackwell


Mountain View, California

Y Combinator Can Be Found At:

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How do I work with Y Combinator?

First, you need to have a startup idea you're actively working on and have the skills to produce. The latter is significant because Y Combinator doesn't work with companies who are looking to outsource production of their idea. Your startup can be in almost any phase of development: Y Combinator has worked with companies who have already secured funding from other sources as well as those for whom Y Combinator provides the first funding they've received.

You apply, and if Y Combinator decides to bring you in for a meeting they'll let you know. The meeting will decide whether they'll work with you and how much funding you'll get. If accepted, you'll be expected to move to the Bay Area and work in the Y Combinator offices for the duration of the three-month batch period.

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Why should I work with Y Combinator?

Because they're extremely good at helping startups grow and get ready for their next round of funding and get clarity and vision to move forward. They've worked with more than 1,900 companies, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, GitLab, and Weebly. The complete list of companies Y Combinator has helped get off the ground includes nuclear medicine manufacturers, AI-based startups, new social networks, publications for South Asian stories, and many, many more.

If they think your idea is good, and you're ready for them to help provide funds and direction, they'll help you grow.

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What if I apply to Y Combinator and get turned down?

You're not alone. Approximately half the companies Y Combinator accepts have previously applied and been turned down. Progress made since the last application shows them you're serious about your concept and are willing to work, and thus is a strong signal that you're someone they can work with.

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How much funding does Y Combinator contribute?

Their standard deal is $150 thousand for 7% of your company. Nonprofits typically get $100 thousand with Y Combinator getting nothing in return.

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What is Y Combinator Hacker News?

Hacker News is Y Combinator's social news site. The philosophy behind it is that the more popular a community site becomes the more it declines in quality, but that this is not inevitable. So Hacker News makes a conscious effort to resist decline by restricting news posts to those that are "deeply interesting."

The example they use is that a story about a robbery is not in itself deeply interesting, but a story about a robbery that points to a larger underlying societal trend could be. Users can post articles from almost any reputable source with the caveat that content "gratifies one's intellectual curiosity." There's also a section called "Ask HN" in which people can post questions about almost anything having to do with tech, life hacking, and intellectual pursuits.

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