Web Summit 2020 - Lisbon, Portugal - Cost & Overview

Web Summit

Web Summit 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal is a technology conference held by the Dublin, Ireland company that also holds RISE in Hong Kong and Collision in Toronto. The Web Summit gathers the best minds in tech and entrepreneurship on the planet along with policy makers and leaders and poses a simple question: "where to next?"

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Web Summit 2020 Cost:

Currently tickets for Web Summit 2020 are currently available at a reduced rate: 2 for the price of 1 - €950.00. Prices will likely go up as the conference nears.

Web Summit 2020 Key Information:


November 2 - 5, 2020


Lisbon, Portugal




Why should I attend Web Summit 2020?

Web Summit is, if not the largest, one of the largest and most all-encompassing entrepreneur conferences in the world, attracting some 70,000 people to Lisbon, Portugal. The Summit consists of 24 industry tracks that cover the wide spectrum of the tech industry, from startups to autotech to fintech and more.

In addition, the speakers include business leaders of all stripes, political leaders and policymakers, and musicians and other creatives. The Summit also could mean great exposure, as it is widely covered and commented upon by the largest global gathering of journalists.

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Who are some of the Web Summit speakers?

Web Summit 2020 hasn't published a speakers roster yet, but past speakers have featured leaders from business and politics, including:

  • Brad Smith - President, Microsoft.
  • António Guterres - Secretary General, United Nations.
  • Gillian Tans - CEO, Booking.com.
  • Helen Chiang - Studio Head, Minecraft.
  • Darren Aronofsky - Writer/Director.

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What topics are covered during Web Summit 2020?

Absolutely everything related to tech and business - design, sustainability, data, deep tech, new startups, regulatory issues, investing, and more.

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