War Room Mastermind - Cost, Overview & Key Information

War Room Mastermind

The War Room Mastermind started as a tight-knit group of five friends who'd helped each other out of financial trouble, and has grown to a group of more than 200 members from around the world. The goal of the War Room mastermind group is to annually double the business of each of its members.

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Although they offer a great deal of online support, the main benefit of the War Room is found in its gatherings, of which members can attend three per year.

War Room Mastermind Cost:

The War Room Mastermind costs $30,000.00 per year. You can provide full War Room access to a business partner for an additional $10,000.00.

War Room Key Information:

Year founded



Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher


Austin, Texas


4330 Gaines Ranch Loop #120, Austin, TX 78735 USA

War Room Mastermind Can Be Found At:


Who are the leaders of the War Room Mastermind?

The leaders of the War Room Mastermind are as follows:

  • Roland Frasier - CEO, War Room Mastermind & Principal, DigitalMarketer.
  • Richard Lindner - Co-Founder & President, DigitalMarketer.
  • Ryan Deiss - Co-Founder & CEO, DigitalMarketer.
  • Frank Kern - Founder & CEO, Frank Kern Inc.
  • Perry Belcher - Co-Founder, DigitalMarketer.

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How did War Room Mastermind develop?

The War Room Mastermind first came to be when Perry Belcher, who'd just had his business fail, called his friend Ryan Deiss asking for help. Ryan was able to get Perry out of trouble, then another friend, Richard Lindner, called and, even though he'd been working for Perry and was out of a job, offered to help Perry by taking out a second mortgage on his house.

More businesses failed and succeeded, and Roland Frasier and Frank Kern got involved, and by helping each other out when they needed it the group adopted a core value that said no one in their group was allowed to fail. They had each others' backs, and this was the basis of the War Room Mastermind.

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How do I become a War Room member?

Membership in the War Room mastermind is exclusive. They don't explicitly state an exact dollar amount of revenue, but they do say that they're a "diverse community of people at different stages from a few million to a couple billion per year in revenue," so it's probably safe to use that as a benchmark. Also, the $30,000.00 per year cost likely weeds out a few applicants.

Applications are carefully vetted by the five principals to ensure they'll continue to have an extremely high-performing mastermind group.

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What are some of the War Room Mastermind's core values?

The War Room has 8 core values governing behavior in the group (and in life). They include "Never complain. Never." and "Commit and figure it out." The core values lay out a path for behavior and mindset that won't limit you in your pursuit of success.

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What are some of the War Room Mastermind's core beliefs?

The War Room has a long list of beliefs that expand upon and flesh out the core values. The 31 beliefs include "We believe if you don't have a truly valuable skill, you don't deserve success..." and "We believe if you have to rely on deception to succeed, success will eventually become a curseā€¦" The Values and Beliefs together form a sort of code of conduct for participation in the mastermind group, and also let you know what to expect regarding advice and input.

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