USASBE 2019 Conference

USASBE 2019 Conference

The USASBE (United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship) 2019 Conference is the leading conference specifically focused on entrepreneurship education. The conference features entrepreneurship research, teaching, exercises, and an entrepreneurs' forum.

USASBE 2019 Conference Cost:

While general admission ticket costs were unavailable, there are a number of different options for contest entry and sponsorship, ranging from entry into the 2019 3E Competition for $1,750.00 to a 2019 Platinum Sponsorship for $15,000.00.

USASBE 2019 Conference Key Information:


January 23 - 27, 2019


St. Pete Beach, Florida

Number of featured speakers



Learning journeys & short & long entrepreneur education sessions

Special activities

Cocktail hours, breakfasts, & fireworks

USASBE 2019 Conference FAQs:

Who should attend the USASBE Conference?

Teachers focusing on entrepreneurship education, scholars performing cutting-edge entrepreneurship research, and program directors and practitioners that add immersive entrepreneurship experiences to classroom education.

Who are USASBE 2019 Conference's featured speakers?

  • Kevin Harrington - Investor, Entrepreneur, & Original Member of Shark Tank.
  • Steve Blank - Author of "The Startup Owner's Manual".
  • Marc Gruber - Economist & Author of "Where to Play".

What are some of USASBE 2019 Conference's events?

  • Learning journeys.
  • Cocktail receptions.
  • Learning breakfasts.
  • Speaker presentations.
  • Paper development sessions.
  • Awards receptions.
  • Fireworks.