Traffic and Conversion Summit 2019

Traffic & Conversion Summit

The Traffic & Conversion Summit attracts thousands of the world's top marketers to attend speaker events and network with like-minded professionals. The Summit features seven different tracks for different types of marketing: Big Ideas, Agencies Only, Digital Retailers, Digital Advertisers, Content Marketers, Conversational Marketers, and Growth Hackers.

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 Pricing:

Early Bird tickets (sold through December 19, 2018) cost $1,295.00, Super Marketer tickets (on sale until February 14, 2019) cost $1,995.00, and Just in Time tickets (from February 15, 2019 until the event) cost $2,595.00. VIP passes cost $2,695.00 ($3,295.00 after February 14).

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 Key Information:


February 25 - 27, 2019


San Diego, Calfornia


All access pass $1,995.00; VIP pass $2,695.00 (until February 14)

Number of speakers

More than 80

Number of sessions


Number of attendees

More than 6,000

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 FAQs:

What is the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 Agenda?

It depends on which track you follow, but the days start with an opening keynote, then break into 45 minute sessions. Then the day wraps up with a closing keynote. There are also breakfasts, nightly happy hours, and other informal networking events.

What are the Traffic and Conversion Summit's 7 tracks?

The Summit offers 7 tracks that focus on different aspects of marketing:

  • Big Ideas - for founders and executives who want to know what to do next.
  • Agencies Only - client-serving tools and strategies for agencies and consultants.
  • Digital Retailers - focused on ecommerce marketing.
  • Digital Advertisers - for traffic managers and media buyers.
  • Content Marketers - for marketers working with digital content.
  • Conversational Marketers - focused on inbound selling methods, such as chat and bots.
  • Growth Hackers - for analysts and optimizers looking for big growth.

Who are some of Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019's speakers?

The T&C Summit's speakers have all excelled in their marketing endeavors and are ready to share actionable insight to help you grow your business. Featured speakers include:

  • Sir Richard Branson - Founder, Virgin Group.
  • Laura Belgray - Founder, Talking Shrimp.
  • Billy Gene Shaw - Founder & CEO, Billy Gene Is Marketing.
  • Amanda Powell - Acquisition Manager, DigitalMarketer.
  • Ezra Firestone - Founder & CEO,
  • Natasha Takahashi - Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, School of Bots.
  • Arri Bagah - Founder & CTO, Conversmart.
  • Ashley Ward - Digital Marketing Strategist, SEMrush.
  • Dev Basu - Chief Experience Officer, Powered by Search.
  • Michelle Smith - Owner, CBQ (Chief Bot Queen), Your Marketing Therapy.