Traction: How Startups Start Podcast - Top Episodes & Overview

Traction Podcast

Traction is a startup podcast created by NextView Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm that funds startups across the United States from offices in New York and Boston. Due to their intimate knowledge of and relationships with nascent startups, NextView knows what it takes to grow a company from nothing, and that's what the Traction podcast is all about.

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Top 10 Traction Podcast Episodes:




Revenue Before Product, Living Forever & Clever Origins

InsightSquared, a successful SAAS startup, gained initial traction using an ingenious tactic before they had any capital, co-founders, or even a product.

26 minutes

Powerful Mental Models for Product-Market Fit & Beyond

Andy Rachleff, President, CEO, & Chairman of WealthFront, discusses product-market fit and mental models startup founders can use to become successful.

52 minutes

Founding LinkedIn, Elon Musk & Ancient Silicon Valley

LinkedIn Co-Founder Lee Hower discusses what it was like to co-found PayPal and LinkedIn, to be hired by Elon Musk, and to operate in Silicon Valley's early days.

30 minutes

Stalkers at Whole Foods, Sneaky Products & Inventing a Brand

NatureBox Co-Founder & CEO Ken Chen shares the "sneaky" tactics he and his co-founder used to propel their startup into a successful company.

27 minutes

NextView All-Hands: Redesigning the Everyday Economy

The team at NextView sits down and talks about commonalities of startup founders and new examples of the Everyday Economy.

49 minutes

Traction By a Thousand Cuts

Kathryn Minshew, CEO & Co-Founder of The Muse, shares stories from the career platform's early days.

49 minutes

Chicken, Egg or Farm? An Unusual Launch Problem

General Assembly CEO Brad Hargreaves explains the "Chicken, Egg, or Farm to Put it In" problem and how it affected his company's launch and early days.

39 minutes

Starting Your Influencer Marketing

Healthy home essentials company Grove Collaborative's Samantha Howe advises on working with influencers to grow your market.

44 minutes

How to Grow a Growth Team

Fareed Mosavat shares his experiences working on growth teams for Slack, Instacart, and RunKeeper.

46 minutes

Can't Code? Smart Ways to Execute Regardless

Co-Founder & CEO of Yipit and Yipit Data Vin Vacante discusses coding, growth, and pivoting his business.

35 minutes

Key Information About the Traction Podcast:

Premiere Date

May 25, 2015

New Episode Release

Weekly or bi-weekly until September 2017

The Traction Podcast Can Be Found At:

The Traction Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the "Traction: How Startups Start" podcast?

When you start a business you face a lot of uncertainty. Will my idea catch on? Will anybody want this product? How do I break into this market? How do I create and sell a tech product when I'm not technology-minded? How do I find a co-founder? How do I eat and pay rent while I'm building this company?

The only real way to battle uncertainty is with information. The Traction podcast features interviews with company founders and focuses on their companies' very beginnings, before they had funding, before they had co-founders, even (in some cases) before they had a product. Early-stage startup founders can learn a lot about how businesses have been built from the ground up, and how entrepreneurs grew from not really knowing what they were doing to become subject matter experts.

Traction is an essential podcast for pre-seed to seed stage startup founders because of NextView's unique access to companies at their very conception, and is an essential addition to your business podcast library.

What is NextView Ventures?

NextView Ventures invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups, typically before the company has gained any traction. Their typical initial investments range from $100 thousand to $1.5 million and they usually take board or observer seats. NextView's offices are in Boston and New York, but they invest in startups from throughout the U.S.

Learn more about NextView and their investment philosophy at

How many episodes of Traction are there?

Traction: How Startups Start premiered in 2015 and ran through 2017 for a total of 48 episodes.