The Pitch Podcast - Best Episodes, Where to Listen & Key Information

The Pitch Podcast

The Pitch Podcast, hosted by Josh Muccio, features real startup founders pitching their businesses to real investors. The Pitch provides insight into not only how to properly pitch an idea, but also how just having a great idea isn't enough.

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A founder looking for capital has to know what investors are looking for and what they need to hear to make their decisions. The Pitch provides listeners with a seat at the table and a solid understanding of which pitches succeed and which fail.

10 Most Popular Episodes of The Pitch Podcast:





Juan-Pablo Segura seeks $1 million for an app that will revolutionize the delivery of prenatal health care.

38 minutes


Pieter Boekhoff wants to disrupt the hotel room by changing what we see in the mirror, but are investors interested in hospitality?

36 minutes

Industrial Organic

Amanda Weeks is looking for capital to grow her company that reduces the greenhouse gases that emanate from food waste.

34 minutes


David Dicko plans to bring virtual reality to the skies and needs $1.8 million to do it.

40 minutes

Guru Games

College students Evan Thomas and Troy Pettie seek investors to back their plan to attract millennials to casinos.

39 minutes


Matthew Peltier is convinced that his social media startup will succeed where so many others have failed, but can he convince investors?

40 minutes


Anthony Gonzales has created a mouthpiece that can potentially eliminate concussions from contact sports - will investors bite?

40 minutes

Sudden Coffee

Is it possible to make premium instant coffee? Two entrepreneurs think so, but will the taste test impress investors?

35 minutes

Is Immigration the Next Venture-Scale Business?

Boundless founder Xiao Wang believes his startup will streamline the nightmarish immigration process - will a team of investors share his vision?

33 minutes


Laura Bilazarian has an innovative app that will help companies find great employees; how does her pitch fare with investors?

41 minutes

Key Information About The Pitch Podcast:

Premiere Date

June 21, 2016


Josh Muccio


Kareem Maddox & Heather Rogers


Blythe Terrell

New Episode Release

Wednesdays at 6:00 a.m. Eastern

The Pitch Podcast Can Be Found At:

The Pitch Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to The Pitch podcast?

For an entrepreneur the pitch process can be one of the most stressful and intimidating parts of getting a startup off the ground. How do you know exactly what investors are looking for? What do they want to hear? What can you say in the short time provided that will make someone believe in your product and your ability to properly and profitably run your company enough to invest a large amount of money?

The Pitch gives you a fly on the wall perspective of both successful and failed pitches. Not only is that entertaining, but for startup founders it can mean the difference between creating a pitch that works or completely underwhelming potential investors.

Josh Muccio

Who is Josh Muccio?

Besides being the host of The Pitch, Josh Muccio founded the podcast in 2015. He is also the show's Executive Producer for Gimlet Media. Prior to his work on The Pitch podcast, he was Founder & CEO of iHeart Repair, a Florida-based consumer tablet and computer repair company.

Who are The Pitch's investors?