The Brandery - Cincinnati-Based Seed Accelerator - Overview

The Brandery

The Brandery is a seed-stage accelerator located in Cincinnati, Ohio that funds startups operating in Marketing Tech, Retail Tech, or Digitally Native Vertical Brands. They focus not only on growing startups to the next stage of development, but help companies establish their brands, which is extremely important in a customer-facing vertical.

The Brandery Key Information:

Year founded


Founded by

Bryan Radtke, Dave Knox, J.B. Kropp, and Rob McDonald


Cincinnati, Ohio


1311 Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, US

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The Brandery FAQs:

How often does The Brandery run their accelerator program?

The Brandery accelerator program runs one time a year for 16 weeks. They accept 5 - 7 startups from hundreds of applications.

How successful are The Brandery's companies?

Quite. Of the 9 programs and 79 startups The Brandery has invested in, 37% have raised more than $1 million in funding and 59% have raised more than $250 thousand. 14 companies have been acquired.

Who are some of the companies The Brandery has accelerated?

  • Fadstir - an AI-driven personal shopper app.
  • Skip - an in-store grocery shopping app that lets you buy and check out using your phone.
  • RetargetLinks - an advertising platform that lets you turn every link you share into an ad.
  • The Mad Optimist - personalized shopping for body care products.

When is The Brandery's application period?

Batch 9 just closed, but you can submit your email to be notified when to submit your application for Batch 10.

What verticals does The Brandery work with?

The Brandery focuses on startups falling within 5 verticals: Digitally Native Vertical Brands, Consumer Packaged Goods, Marketing Tech, Ad Tech, and Retail Tech.

What is the Global Accelerator Network?

The Global Accelerator Network, or GAN, is an invitation only group of organizations that provide startups they've accepted more than $1 million of free services. The Brandery is part of the GAN.