Techstars Incubator & Accelerator - Overview


Techstars is a startup accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado with programs in cities across the world. They fund mostly tech-oriented companies with a few exceptions. Approved applicants move to the Techstars location for the duration of their 3 month incubator period. They also offer Innovation Bootcamps and other programs to help startups grow.

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Techstars Key Information:

Year founded



Brad Feld, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis


Boulder, Colorado

Number of investments


Number of exits


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Techstars has accelerator programs across the world. You can find out the locations and programs offered at Here are a few programs:


What happens during the Techstars 3-month program?

If you're among the fewer than 1% of applicants accepted you'll be offered a $100,000.00 convertible note, of which Techstars contributes $20,000.00 (which is typically used for room and board during the 3 months you're in the program) in return for 6% of common stock. You'll find your top 3-5 mentors who will guide you in growing your startup, then get to work.

Your 3 months will be spent firming up your idea, working alongside the 10 other companies who were accepted, growing your startup, networking, and preparing for further rounds of funding. Your hard work culminates in you presenting your more fully realized vision to potential investors on Demo Day.

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How do I become a Techstars mentor?

To start, you need profound levels of experience with industry and/or entrepreneurship. And you need to be dedicated to mentorship, which is pro bono. You have to want to help new founders succeed and grow, and you have to be amenable toward opening your network to new business owners. In short, you have to be able to and want to help and devote your time to the growth of fledgling companies.

You can find a Mentor Manifesto at that more fully explains what it takes to be a Techstars mentor.

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What is Techstars Startup Weekend?

Techstars Startup Weekend offers 54 hours to learn what it takes to create a company. You, assisted by some of the best minds in entrepreneurship, dive deeply into your startup concept and help you start to build a company around it. You'll meet mentors and join a community of founders dedicated to helping you succeed. Tickets are extremely reasonable, and Techstars Startup Weekends are held in both large and small cities around the world.

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