TAUS CEO Forum - Overview & Key Information


The TAUS CEO Forum is a gathering of 80 executives from the global content industry. The Forum will tackle the changes and challenges to the industry, the move from content localization to globalization, the new roles taken on by Language Service Providers, how neural network technology is changing the industry, and what jobs and roles will develop, change, or disappear.

TAUS CEO Forum Cost:

The cost of the TAUS CEO Forum is € 900.00 for TAUS members and € 1,200.00 for non-members.

TAUS CEO Forum Key Information:


June 25 - 26, 2019


Salt Lake City, Utah

Information About TAUS & the TAUS CEO Forum Can Be Found At:


What is TAUS?

TAUS is the Amsterdam-based resource center for the language and translation industries. Their mission is simply to help the world communicate better, and to achieve this goal by making translation readily available in all languages to everyone in the world. Toward this end TAUS supports translation services and language tech companies with a large suite of online services.

Who attends the TAUS CEO Forum?

80 executives from major buyers and suppliers in the global content industry. The goal is to address weaknesses in the global translation ecosystem and bolster the industry against AI, which is predicted to reach human translation parity by 2024.

What topics are covered during the TAUS CEO Forum?

The TAUS CEO Forum covers topics ranging from knowledge, operational, and data gaps in the content ecosystem to the changing roles of Language Service Providers. The focus is on adaptation to maintain and enhance the role of the translation and language industries, and to work with neural network and other technologies to create more opportunities and new roles within the translation ecosystem.

What is the TAUS CEO Forum's agenda?

The first day of the Forum starts off with a keynote speech on the migration from local to global content by TAUS' Director, Jaap van der Meer. Following that is a panel discussion on the future of the global content industry. The remainder of the day frames the three issues to be discussed on the second day.

Following a short round of questions from global content consumers from Dell, Google, Booking, and Nike, the CEO Forum will break up into World Cafe sessions, which are rounds of 20 minute small table discussions of 5 attendees each. After the 20 minutes the groups report back with conclusions. Then follows key questions from technology solution providers from Lilt, SDL, Smartling, and Google, then another round of World Cafe sessions and conclusions.

To end the day there are questions from language service providers from RWS Moravia, Welocalize, thebigword, and One Hour Translations, World Cafe sessions, and the discussion of their conclusions. The CEO Forum ends with a synthesis of all the discussions.

Who are some of the TAUS CEO Forum speakers and panelists?

The TAUS CEO Forum brings together the best minds of the translation and language services industry, including:

  • Olga Beregovaya - Language Services Strategy, Welocalize & President, American Machine Translation Association.
  • Wayne Bourland - Translation, Dell & Advisory Board Member, TAUS.
  • Paul Leahy - Head of Engineers, Oracle International Product Solutions.
  • Jaime Punishill - CMO, Lionbridge.
  • Erik Vogt - Manager, Solution Development Team Manager, RWS Morovia.