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Tamir Vigder

Tamir Vigder is an Australian entrepreneur who started his first business at age 15. Since then, he's helped a number of companies grow their businesses, including HashChing, for whom he helped generate $70 million in home loan applications. Tamir Vigder is well-known as an intuitive growth hacker who works with clients through his marketing company, VigderMedia.

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Place of birth

Tel Aviv, Israel

Current occupation

Founder & CEO, VigderMedia



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What was Tamir Vigder's first successful growth hack?

The first growth hack that gained Tamir Vigder notice in the industry was a YouTube parody of "The Big Short" that he created for HashChing, an Australian company that negotiates interest rates for home loans. The hack was wildly successful - the video went viral, getting 43,000 hits in 20 hours, and helped HashChing generate $70 million in new loan applications.

Tamir Vigder's YouTube video for "Let's Talk Growth" describes the invention and application of that hack in detail.

What is Tamir Vigder doing now?

As Founder and CEO of VigderMedia, he and his team user their growth hacking experience to help customers scale their businesses. They develop a deep knowledge of the clients' target audiences and use data-driven methods to fuel growth. Among their current customers are the New South Wales Government and KPMG High Growth Ventures (HGV).

How does VigderMedia help with growth hacking?

VigderMedia is an agency built by growth hackers, so they apply growth hacking methodology (data-driven techniques, non-traditional thinking, etc.) to increase their clients' businesses. In addition, the VigderMedia blog is a great resource for growth hackers, featuring articles on the best growth hacking books, Google Ads techniques, growth hacking tools, and more.