The Best Startup Podcasts of 2019

The Best Startup Podcasts of 2019

Startup podcasts feature business leaders discussing how they got their companies up and running. The best startup podcasts illustrate the wide variety of ways future CEOs start businesses, how they navigate from concept to creation, from startup to success, and what they discovered on their journeys.

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The Best Startup Podcasts of 2019:


Host(s) / Producers

Subject / Focus

How I Built This

Guy Raz

Tells the stories of some of the world's biggest companies from startup to present.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss

Deconstructs recognized leaders from a wide variety of industries to provide tools and tactics startups can use.

a16z Podcast

Marc Andreesen & Ben Horowitz

Discusses trends and the future of business as "software eats the world."

Marketing School

Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Helps startup founders and others with marketing, networking, and other business topics.

Startup Grind Podcast

Startup Grind

Features business luminaries discussing startups.

The Pitch

Gimlet Media

Showcases real entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to real investors.

The Freedom Club Podcast

Curt D. Mercadante

Educates startup pioneers and others on how to live the "freedom lifestyle," which provides greater happiness and productivity.

Traction: How Startups Start

NextView Ventures

Interviews founders, execs, and investors regarding how they started up their startups.

The Growth Show


Features inspiring stories of how leaders grew their businesses, ideas, or movements.

The Startup Chat

Steli & Hiten

Offers advice straight from the trenches of startups.

This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis

Weekly discussion of all types of stories from the world of startups.

For the Close

Ali Mirza

Interviews business founders, brand evangelists, investors, and others about their paths to success.

The Lean Startup Podcast

Lean Startup Co.

Focuses on startup growth and success.


Christina Warren, Brianna Wu, & Simone de Rochefort

"Accelerated geek conversation" covers all things tech.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas

Features interviews with entrepreneurs to help aspiring leaders on their journeys.

Breaking into Startups Podcast

Ruben Harris, Artur Meyster, & Timor Meyster

Showcases stories of people from non-tech backgrounds who found success in tech.

Food Startups Podcast

Hema Reddy

Focuses specifically on startups and innovators in the food industry.

Mixergy Startup Stories

Andrew Warner

Features more than 1,800 interviews with successful startup entrepreneurs.

Hack to Start

Franco Varriano & Tyler Copeland

Focuses on innovative ways to start businesses.

Startups for the Rest of Us

Rob Walling & Mike Taber

Explores the world of SaaS, from the idea stage through business growth to sale.

Top Tech Startup Podcasts
Top Tech Startup Podcasts:
  • The SaaS Podcast.
  • Entreprogrammers Podcast.
  • Something Ventured - Silicon Valley Podcast.
  • CodePen Radio.
  • The Indie Hackers Podcast.
Best Startup Marketing Podcasts
Best Startup Marketing Podcasts:
  • Marketing Over Coffee.
  • Social Media Marketing Podcast.
  • Hustle & Flowchart.
  • Growth Marketing Toolbox.
  • Call to Action.
  • Two Minute Marketing.

Startup Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to startup podcasts?

Hearing in detail about how other entrepreneurs started their companies, navigated the hurdles that came their way, and achieved success is a great way to get information and inspiration you can apply to your startup. With the vast number of podcasts out there you'll likely find more than one startup podcast that speaks to you.

In addition, most of them are free. You can listen to them during your commute, while you work out, while you do dishes or clean - just about anywhere. And the best startup podcasts are entertaining as well as informative. The next time you're gearing up to binge TV, binge some startup podcasts instead. You may just get the advice you need to accelerate both your business and your life.

Find listening material in our list of 2019's best startup podcasts.

How do you start up a podcast?

If you have a story to tell, the bar to creating a podcast is pretty low. You can start with an idea, a script, and your built-in computer mic and recording software. The quality will be low, but it will work. The hard part is saying something that's unique, saying it well, and sustaining it. Do your research. If you're thinking of creating a podcast about startups, for example, listen to what's already out there prior to recording.

Established multi-episode podcasts are recorded in fully equipped and soundproofed studios with professional-quality microphones and software. But if you have a unique take or a compelling story (and a good voice for audio) you can ramp up your podcast startup equipment when your podcast takes off.

Learn how other podcasters get their message across in our list of the best startup podcasts of 2019.

How do I find the best startup podcasts for me?

There are hundreds of great business podcasts available, and only so much time to listen to them. The best bet is to, at first, cast a wide net. Listen to a bunch of them. You'll figure out pretty soon which speak directly to you, to your experiences. You'll find the hosts you like covering the topics that apply to your startup.

You'll also see that when you look up podcasts in iTunes or another streaming service that the most popular startup podcasts have multiple episodes, so you can pick and choose from the descriptions and focus on the people interviewed and the topics covered. Then it's a good idea to subscribe to the best startup podcasts so you'll be sure to avoid missing an episode of your favorites.

Find your new favorite in our list of the best startup podcasts of 2019.

What are some of the best small business podcasts?

While small business owners can likely get useful information from any type of startup podcast, there are a number of podcasts that specifically discuss issues particular to small business startup and ownership. Here are a few:

  • "Small Business War Stories" hosted by Pablo Fuentes.
  • "Being Boss" hosted by Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson.
  • "Duct Tape Marketing" hosted by John Jantsch.
  • "Dorm Room Tycoon" hosted by William Channer.
  • "Breaking Down Your Business" hosted by Brad Farris & Jill Salzman

Find more small business podcasts in our list of the best startup podcasts of 2019.