Startup Marketing Blog by Sean Ellis

Startup Marketing Blog by Sean Ellis

The "Startup Marketing" blog by Sean Ellis, founder of, is a collection of marketing insights Mr. Ellis gained while working to grow startups like LogMeIn and Uproar from launch to IPO (Initial Public Offering). The first post was written in June of 2006 and the blog has evolved with the maturation of startup marketing and the techniques used to grow companies.

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How many posts on the Startup Marketing blog are specifically about growth hacking?

While many of the posts can be used to spur growth hacking ideas, there are 8 posts on the Startup Marketing blog tagged "Growth Hacking." That said, there's definitely overlap between growth hacking and other categories, such as "Acquiring Customers" and "Scaling Growt

Why is the Startup Marketing blog a good reference for growth hacking?

The Startup Marketing blog is filled with articles written by Sean Ellis, who coined the term "growth hacking." Sean Ellis is both a passionate advocate for growth hacking and one of the foremost growth hacking experts. The posts also often link out to other growth hacking resources.

Is Sean Ellis still publishing articles on the Startup Marketing blog?

The last article written - "What Are the Best Articles on Growth Hacking to Product/Market Fit?" - was posted in January of 2017. So it's been more than two years since the last post. Regardless, the blog remains a great resource for growth hacking, offering more than 100 posts on how to market and grow startups.