Southeastern Council of Foundations CEO Forum

Southeastern Council of Foundations CEO Forum

The Southeastern Council of Foundations (SECF) CEO Forum is a gathering of foundation leaders from throughout the Southeastern United States. The CEO Forum covers the practical aspects of running a foundation, such as staffing and board relations, along with more esoteric issues such as staying true to the foundation's vision and values.

Southeastern Council of Foundations CEO Forum Cost:

The SECF CEO Forum is only open to SECF members, and the cost is $750.00.

Southeastern Council of Foundations Key Information:


April 16 - 17, 2019


Richmond, Virginia

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Southeastern Council of Foundations CEO Forum FAQs:

What is the Southeastern Council of Foundations?

The Southeastern Council of Foundations, or SECF, is the largest association of philanthropic leaders in the Southeast United States. The goal of SECF is to grow and maintain a thriving network of grantmakers and funders throughout the area, and to provide a means of information-sharing that will allow philanthropy to continue to flourish throughout the Southeast.

What happens during the SECF CEO Forum?

The Southeastern Council of Foundations CEO Forum provides an opportunity for foundation leaders to meet and discuss the business of philanthropy, especially in terms of leadership. It's not easy to maintain a vision in a vacuum, so the CEO Forum enables leaders to work with a network of their peers and align their visions with those of other like-minded philanthropic institutions.

The SECF CEO Forum combines facilitated panel discussions on topics such as the complexity of leadership with less formal breakout sessions and networking events that allow leaders to connect with their peers. The event begins at noon on Tuesday, April 16 and concludes at 4 p.m. the following day.

Who are some of the speakers at the SECF CEO Forum?

While the full roster of speakers is not yet in place, here are some of the confirmed speakers for this year's event:

  • Kelly Chopus - President & CEO, Robins Foundation.
  • Janine Lee - President & CEO, Southeastern Council of Foundations.
  • Levar Stoney - Mayor, City of Richmond.
  • Eric Kelly - President, Quantum Foundation.
  • Sherrie Armstrong - President & CEO, Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond.