SaaStr Annual Conference - Cost, Key Information & Overview

SaaStr Annual Conference

The SaaStr Annual Conference is a gathering of more than 15,000 B2B Software as a Service business owners, executives, founders, and investors. The conference is the largest non-vendor SaaS conference in the world, and features more than 300 speakers from global SaaS companies and more than 200 sessions to help businesses grow faster.

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SaaStr Annual Conference Cost:

Ticket prices for the 2020 SaaStr Conference differ depending on the type of entrepreneur/attendee:

  • Startup Founders & Execs - $1,340.57.
  • Startup Founders & Execs Team Pack (4 or more tickets purchased simultaneously) - $876.17.
  • Big Co Execs & VCs - $2,062.97.
  • Big Co Execs & VCs Team Pack (4 or more tickets purchased simultaneously) - $1,495.37.

All tickets provide access to all of SaaStr Annual's events. There are no single-day options. You can purchase tickets here.

SaaStr Annual Conference Key Information:


March 10 - 12, 2020


San Francisco Bay Area


$1,340.57 for startup execs/founders; $2,062.97 for big company execs & VCs

Number of speakers

More than 300

Number of attendees

More than 15,000


Why should I attend SaaStr's Annual Conference?

Multiple reasons, the main one being that you'll leave with actionable information to grow your company. There are more than 300 speakers, all vetted experts in their fields of expertise, and no pitching or commercials are allowed. Another solid reason to attend is the amazing opportunity to network - you'll be among 15,000 other SaaS founders and entrepreneurs on the front lines of the industry, and there is the opportunity to schedule "braindates" and 1:1 and group mentoring sessions.

In addition, VCs make up a significant portion of the attendees, and if you're looking for funding you can enroll in the "Meet-A-VC" program.

Start planning your trip - review the 2020 SaaStr Annual Conference ticket cost.

Who are some of the 2020 SaaStr Annual's featured speakers?

The SaaStr Annual Conference features founders, execs, and VCs on the bleeding edge of Software as a Service. 2020's roster of more than 300 speakers will include:

  • Aaron Levie - CEO, Box.
  • Bora Chung - SVP of Product,
  • Bryan Schreier - Partner, Sequoia.
  • Carin Taylor - Chief Diversity Officer, Workday.
  • Cynthia Stoddard - CIO, Adobe.
  • Felicia Bochicchio - CRO, Unbounce.
  • Jean-Michel Lemieux - CTO, Shopify.
  • Melanie Perkins - Co-Founder & CEO, Canva.
  • Nick Caldwell - CPO, Looker.
  • Rahul Vohra - Founder & CEO, Superhuman.
  • Vik Verma - CEO, 8X8.

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What is the agenda for the 2020 SaaStr Annual Conference?

The 3-day conference is broken down into daily themes:

  • Day 1 - Scaling Faster: SaaS leaders will share their experiences of going from no customers to huge numbers, and the tactics they used to grow.
  • Day 2 - The Playbooks: SaaS industry veterans and proven leaders open their playbooks to let you in on how they stay at the top of the game.
  • Day 3 - Money Day: VC experts discuss how to go through rounds of funding, how to get acquired, and more.

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