Top SaaS Communities to Join in 2019

Top SaaS Communities to Join in 2019

An SaaS community is typically comprised of SaaS (Software as a Service) founders, developers, and other professionals who come together to discuss the best ways to deliver and manage SaaS. Topics covered can include how to best serve customers, new, better ways to deliver SaaS, and more.

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Top SaaS Communities to Join in 2019:




B2B SaaS Founders

SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Group

SaaS Founders & Professionals

SaaS Alliance Slack Channel

SaaS Founders

SaaS & Product Marketing Group

SaaS Founders & Professionals

SaaS Invaders

SaaS Professionals

Indie Hackers

SaaS Founders & Professionals


SaaS Side Project Founders

r/SaaS Subreddit

SaaS Professionals

SaaS Twitter Community

SaaS Professionals

Top SaaS Developers' Communities
Top SaaS Developers' Communities:
  • SaaS Growth Hacks.
  • r/SaaS Subreddit
  • SaaS Invaders.
  • SaaS Alliance.
  • Indie Hackers.
Top SaaS Founders' Communities
Top SaaS Founders' Communities:
  • SaaStr.
  • SaaS Alliance Slack Channel.
  • SaaS & Product Marketing Group.
  • SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Group.
  • Nugget.


What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

SaaS is cloud-based software delivery, licensing, and hosting. Because of the Software as a Service model, you generally don't need to purchase or download any software; the SaaS platform is internet-based, part of the service. SaaS is often sold on a subscription basis.

Some SaaS providers, for example Slack, Skype, and Spotify, offer interface apps, while others, like Google Apps, are available in your web browser via your online account.

Find your community in our list of top SaaS communities.

Why join an SaaS community?

SaaS has gone through many iterations since its debut in the 1960s, when IBM and other providers began centrally hosting business applications. Because Software as a Service is in a constant state of evolution, it's imperative that SaaS founders and professionals stay up to date, and joining an SaaS community is a great way to do that.

In addition, SaaS companies face challenges specific to the industry, and as such it's good to have access to and communicate with other SaaS professionals who face the same issues.

Find other SaaS professionals in our list of top SaaS communities.

Are there ever SaaS community meetups?

Typically SaaS communities are comprised of a global membership, which is great for getting many different points of view and levels of experience with SaaS but makes meeting in person challenging at best. That said, there may be either meetups for local SaaS communities or annual SaaS community conferences that are open to anyone in the community who is able to attend.

In addition, some of the larger, more general tech meetups host SaaS speakers, symposiums, and side groups for SaaS enthusiasts.

Find your SaaS colleagues in our list of top SaaS communities.

What should I use for SaaS community software?

If you're thinking of building your own SaaS or any other kind of online community, there are a number of software options. For example, there are a number of SaaS communities on Slack. Slack is a versatile collaboration tool ideal for online communities. 10X Factory is a Slack community, and there are many others.

Slack is just one example. Some SaaS communities use Facebook, some use Twitter, and some use other forms of community or collaboration software.

Learn how other communities collaborate with our list of top SaaS communities.

What are some SaaS community rules?

It depends on the community, but almost every online community for SaaS provides guidelines or a code of conduct outlining how they expect members to interact. The rules are generally enforced by both the community (in terms of feedback and reporting) and an SaaS community manager or moderator. Typically there are, at a minimum, community rules concerning respectful conduct between members.

There could also be guidelines regarding the basic membership of the SaaS community, such as inviting only SaaS company founders or software developers.

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Where can I find an SaaS customer community?

Many SaaS customer communities can be accessed via the "Help" menu, where you can find answers to basic questions and links to customer forums. You can also just search using the name of the SaaS and "forum" or "customers." Sometimes communities are neglected, so it's important to look for one that has an active membership.

The best SaaS customer communities are those that host an active exchange between customers and SaaS developers or customer support staff; these interactions are typically saved as a searchable knowledge base so customers with the same questions can easily find solutions.

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