Rocket Podcast - Top Episodes, Key Information & More

Rocket Podcast

The Rocket podcast on Relay FM with hosts Brianna Wu, Christina Warren, and Simone de Rochefort is a weekly series covering all things geek. The hosts discuss tech and startup news from the previous week, but also highlight the best comics, games, movies, books, and music.

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The Rocket Podcast Top 10 Episodes:




MoviePass II: The Return

The hosts discuss the new Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus, and also cover recent MoviePass updates.

1 hour 11 minutes


What differentiates TikTok from Vine and Also, 8Chan was taken down following the El Paso tragedy.

46 minutes

Uncool Hacks

Apple earnings, the Capital One Hack, and William Shatner.

57 minutes

A First!

A conversation about the Joy-Con drift issues on the Nintendo Switch, Apple rumors, and unwatched Comic-Con trailers.

1 hour 13 minutes

Eff it All

The hosts talk about the troubles of virtual reality, Anil Dash's writing on the fake free market, and Verizon's unlimited data plan.

1 hour 27 minutes

Special Kind of Octopus

Guest Serenity Caldwell discusses the iPhone 6S, stories of murdered iPhones, and season 2 of Serial.

1 hour 19 minutes

Better Laser Explosions

The hosts discuss the rumors of an Apple chip and how online culture needs to change after the YouTube HQ shooting.

1 hour 9 minutes

We're Riled Up

FaceApp returns, and is possibly sending your photos to spies; Zoom misstepped; the myth of the 10X engineer.

1 hour 1 minute

Farewell, MacBook

A discussion of the 12-inch MacBook's demise, the new Nintendo Switch Lite, and the new Charlie's Angels movie.

50 minutes

The FORCE Awakens

SnapChat's pending IPO, and a female Uber engineer's viral blog post and what it uncovers about women working in tech.

1 hour 6 minutes

Rocket Podcast Key Information:

Premiere Episode

January 19, 2015


Brianna Wu, Christina Warren, & Simone de Rochefort

New Episode Release


The Rocket Podcast Can Be Found At:


Why should I listen to the Rocket podcast?

The hosts are confirmed geeks: they know what's going on in tech business and the startup ecosystem, but also discuss all forms of entertainment. And they balance news and entertainment extremely well. Episodes typically cover at least one big tech issue, but also upcoming movies, the world of gaming, new comics, current TV, new music, and more.

The episodes run long, so they are able to discuss topics in depth. The Rocket is ideal for city commutes, long workouts, chores, or any other time you'd like to be engaged and entertained by three hosts who know what they're talking about and love what they're doing.

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Who are the Rocket podcast's hosts?

The Rocket podcasts 3 hosts each bring their wealth of experience, ability to entertainingly discuss sometimes dry topics, and entertaining and unique voices to the show. Here's a bit about who they are:

  • Brianna Wu is the co-founder, CEO, and Head of Development at Giant Spacekat, a company that uses iOS Unreal to create cinematic narrative experiences for gaming. Visit to learn more.

  • Christina Warren is Senior Tech Analyst at Mashable, the hugely popular media and entertainment company. She also blogs about tech and related topics at

  • Simone de Rochefort is a video producer at Polygon. You can find her blog posts on the Polygon site.

Enjoy their work with our list of the Rocket podcast's top 10 episodes.

How many episodes of the Rocket podcast are there?

Wu, Warren, and de Rochefort have been creating and releasing them once per week since January of 2015, so they're currently approaching 250 episodes.

Read our list of the Rocket podcast's top 10 episodes.