RISE 2019 - Hong Kong - Key Information & Overview


RISE 2019 is the major Hong Kong tech conference held by the Dublin, Ireland company that hosts Collision in Toronto and Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. While not as massive as Web Summit, RISE is still considerable, with more than 18,000 expected attendees ranging from C-level executives from major corporations to startup founders.

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RISE 2019 Cost:

Regular attendance tickets cost $680.00 USD. That price will increase as we get closer to the conference date, with late tickets costing $929.00 USD and "late late" tickets priced at $1,629.00. Group pricing is also available. Executive tickets, which allow for additional levels of access, cost $4,680.00 USD.

RISE 2019 Key Information:


July 8 - 11, 2019


Hong Kong


$680.00 USD general attendance


What is RISE 2019?

One of the world's largest tech conferences held by people who are experienced with hosting huge, global events. RISE 2019 will feature some of the most innovative thinkers in tech and entrepreneurship. More than 18,000 attendees provides a nearly unparalleled opportunity to internationally expand your network, and hundreds of investors could mean access to funding.

If you're a tech startup founder, RISE 2019 could provide a great opportunity to grow your company through exposure to new ideas and potential capital.

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Will I be able to pitch at RISE 2019?

If you're a RISE Alpha or Beta startup and you've received less than $3 million in funding you can apply to take part in the fast-paced live PITCH competition. 60 selected startups compete to be PITCH winner, judged by top executives. And even if you don't win, you'll have introduced your company to an audience of motivated investors.

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Who are some of RISE 2019's featured speakers?

RISE 2019 already has more than 150 speakers lined up, including the following:

  • Cecilia Qvist - Global Head of Markets, Spotify.
  • Thuan Pham - CTO, Uber.
  • Annie Tao - Co-Founder & COO, Horizon Robotics.
  • Tony Fernandes - CEO, AirAsia.
  • Jing Ulrich - Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, JP Morgan.

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When is RISE 2020?

RISE 2020 has been cancelled due to political unrest and protests in Hong Kong. RISE 2021, however, is scheduled for March of that year.

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