Retail Industry Leaders Association Retail CEO Forum

Retail Industry Leaders Association

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Retail CEO Forum is an annual invitation-only gathering of leaders from the retail and consumer products manufacturing industry. The event provides an opportunity for high-level retail executives to network and discuss topics critical to the industry's continued success.

Retail CEO Forum Cost:

The cost for invited retail executives is $2,700.00 for RILA members and $3,100.00 for non-members. The cost for invited consumer product executives is $3,200.00 for RILA members and $3,600.00 for non-members. The price includes spouses.

Retail CEO Forum Key Information:


20 - 22, 2019


Amelia Island, Florida

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Retail CEO Forum FAQs:

Who attends the Retail CEO Forum?

C-level executives from leading retail and consumer product businesses. Included among the attendees are executives from AutoZone, Best Buy, Foot Locker, GameStop, Lowe's, Target, Unilever, and many other well-known companies.

Why is the Retail CEO Forum invitation-only?

Having an invitation-only ceo forum ensures that the total attendance remains small and relatively intimate, which helps executives build solid connections. Vetting the attendees also maintains the executive level of the event, making it far more likely that they face the same issues with business and the industry.

What are some of the events at the Retail CEO Forum?

The Retail CEO Forum highlights current pressing issues faced by retailers nationwide. Some of the panel discussions included:

  • Leading with Purpose: Diversity & Inclusion in Retail - customers and employees expect to feel welcome regardless of their identity, and diversity and inclusion is beneficial both in internal teams and in customer perception.
  • Unleashing Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - how new developments in retail tech, such as AI and mobile, affect shoppers and employees while creating new opportunities.
  • Retail, Wall Street, Valuations & Metrics in the Age of Disruption - a discussion of the state of the retail industry and what metrics make sense today.