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Reddit GrowthHacking Community

The GrowthHacking subreddit is an active community of just under 8,000 members discussing growth hacking techniques, projects, tools, shout outs for help, and more. The community focuses on growth hacking as a means to acquire new users or customers while optimizing each stage of your product or service.

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What topics does r/GrowthHacking cover?

Anything and everything having to do with growth hacking. You'll find new free tools, case studies, calls for assistance, even anti-growth hacking screeds. As with any marketing-based forum there's some self-promotion and spam to wade through, but it's fairly well-moderated to ensure even the more blatant pitches come with something useful to the community.

And everyone's given a voice. There's more than one post stating growth hacking is a useless term, a catch-all for get rich quick schemes at best. And, since they're part of the conversation, those voices aren't dismissed.

What are the most popular GrowthHacking Community posts?

The five posts over the past year with the highest number of upvotes are:

Is r/GrowthHacking the only subreddit about growth hacking.

No - the GrowthHacking Community is the largest, but there are a few others, including:

In addition, some of the other more general marketing communities occasionally feature posts about growth hacking: