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Pacific Community Ventures

Pacific Community Ventures connects small business owners throughout the United States with experienced business mentors specifically selected to help the business with its issues, whether they be with marketing, accounting, scaling up, or any other business challenge. Pacific Community Ventures also arranges fair business loans for California-based SMBs and helps investors make socially responsible investments.

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Pacific Community Ventures Key Information:

Year Founded



Oakland, California


1 (415) 442-4300


1700 Broadway, Suite 300, Oakland, CA 94612 US

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Pacific Community Ventures FAQs:

How do I get connected with a Pacific Community Ventures business mentor?

All Pacific Community Ventures business mentoring is conducted via their online platform - visit their Small Business Advising page and click the "Get Started" button to create an account. Pacific Community Ventures business mentoring is free and completely confidential.

How do I become a Pacific Community Ventures business mentor?

Small businesses who have been mentored succeed at a much higher rate than SMBs who've not had the advantage of experienced advising, and you can make a real impact by sharing your business acumen with fledgling entrepreneurs. Visit the Volunteer page on the Pacific Community Ventures website, click the "Sign Up Now" button and create an account on their platform.

How can Pacific Community Ventures help me get a small business loan?

Pacific Community Ventures can help California-based businesses that have 1 or more full- or part-time employees and have been operational for at least 12 months secure loans for working capital, purchasing inventory, construction, acquisition, and more. Visit their loans page to apply for pre-approval. And if for whatever reason you're not approved for a Pacific Community Ventures loan they'll refer you to one of their partners who will be better able to work with you.

How can Pacific Community Ventures help me get the most social impact from my investments?

Pacific Community Ventures supports socially-conscious investing, and via their publication Impact Investing 2.0 has earmarked 12 funds that do the greatest amount of social good across the globe. Through their investment research and consulting Pacific Community Ventures has helped investors bolster working communities in the United States and abroad.

What else does Pacific Community Ventures provide to help small business owners?

A wealth of research into topics that affect SMBs, including overviews of software solutions, instructions on how to approach cash flow issues, advice on how to best use social media to market your business and build a customer base, and much more.