MuckerLab Accelerator - Overview & Key Information


MuckerLab is Los Angeles based startup accelerator that focuses on hard work for however long it takes to establish its companies. They eschew both the 3 to 4 month bootcamp period and demo days in favor of ensuring the startups in which they invest become successful businesses. MuckerLab accepts companies from the early seed stage to well beyond the prototype phase.

MuckerLab Key Information:

Year founded


Founded by

Erik Rannala and William Hsu


Los Angeles, California


202 Bicknell Avenue, Santa Monica, California 90405 US

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MuckerLab FAQs:

How long does MuckerLab work with startups?

As long as it takes. Most companies work with them for around a year, but MuckerLab will continue to work with you beyond that if you've yet to reach appropriate milestones (provided you continue to work hard). MuckerLab accepts 10 to 12 companies a year and commits to working with them until they're ready to break out on their own.

Do you have to move to Los Angeles for the entire accelerator period?

Yes, you do. MuckerLab has strong ties throughout LA, and can provide the most help if you're working in their offices. Whether you stay in Los Angeles after you've graduated is your business.

Is the MuckerLab model successful?

It certainly seems to be. So far MuckerLab companies have raised more than $1 billion, and all have been successful raising outside capital. Also, the capital raised has come from some of the world's most experienced and well-known investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Greylock Partners.

Why is it called "MuckerLab"?

MuckerLab is the startup accelerator run by Mucker, the venture capital firm. The word "mucker," though, is traced back to Thomas Edison, who called his colleagues "muckers" because they worked in muck to invent a better brick formulation. Edison's research lab consisted of a team who worked together to invent, much like startup founders in MuckerLab Accelerator.