Mixergy Startup Stories Podcast - Top 10 Episodes & More

Mixery Startup Stories Podcast

The Mixergy Startup Stories podcast features more than 1,800 interviews with entrepreneurs and founders about how they got to where they are, and doesn't shy away from the guests' failures and the hard work it took to achieve success. The host, Andrew Warner, asks incisive questions to get to the gritty, "street smarts" advice founders need to build their businesses.

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Mixergy Podcast Top 10 Episodes:




How Clever Entrepreneurs Turned 3 Air Mattresses into Airbnb, the Site that Makes Any Home a Bed and Breakfast

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia describe their humble beginnings, when they filled 3 air mattresses and advertised their apartment as an "air bed and breakfast."

1 hour 16 minutes

How to Produce Like a Linchpin By Understanding Your Lizard Brain

Marketing guru Seth Godin discusses how to open up your creativity while confronting "lizard brain" based fears.

43 minutes

How a Former Lawyer Built a Multi-Million Dollar Company that Teaches Social Skills

Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of "The Art of Charm," talks about the benefits of confidence and social intelligence.

1 hour 8 minutes

Reddit Founder: "I Wish I Still Owned Reddit Now"

4 years after selling Reddit to Conde Naste co-founder Steve Huffman is proud of its continued growth.

58 minutes

HearAndPlay.com: Turning $70 into a Multimillion Dollar Instruction Web Site

Founder Jermaine Griggs talks about how he, an inner-city high school senior, turned a small investment and a love for music into a hugely successful business.

1 hour 11 minutes

Building a Sophisticated Internet of Things Company (that Can Change the World)

Eric Simone, founder of ClearBlade, discusses the Internet of Things and solving real-life problems.

1 hour 9 minutes

How Sam Ovens Is Helping Everyday People Start Their Own Consulting Businesses

In his follow-up interview Consulting.com founder Ovens talks about how he helps regular people use their skills to start their own businesses.

1 hour 9 minutes

Andrew's Process for Overcoming Entrepreneurial Stagnation - with Samantha Alford

Andrews shares the WomenInBusinessPodcast.com in which Samantha Alford interviewed him about his inner doubts.

31 minutes

Case Study: Niche Subscription Box Service Plate Crate

Professional baseball player and entrepreneur Josh Band discusses his baseball-themed box service.

1 hour 12 minutes

The First Social Media Founder Crashes and Rises

Jason Zook, founder of Wandering Aimfully, talks about being an early influencer and how he rose again after losing prominence.

1 hour 6 minutes

Mixergy Startup Stories Podcast Key Information:

Premiere Date

April 10, 2008


Andrew Warner

New Episode Release

Several per week

Mixergy Startup Stories Podcast Can Be Found At:


Why should I listen to Mixergy Startup Stories podcast?

To start, its extensive library: in more than 1,800 episodes some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs discuss their successes and failures in business. Beyond that, creator and host Andrew Warner goes beyond the broad strokes and gets his interview subjects to share the gritty details of how they achieved business success.

Entrepreneurs share their business "street smarts," which is hugely beneficial to new or prospective founders.

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Who is Andrew Warner?

Andrew Warner has his own entrepreneurial story to tell: he and his brother used credit cards to start an online greeting card company that, at its peak, was pulling in more than $1 million a month. Andrew found himself approaching burnout, and after working nonstop finally sold the company and took a year off.

Following his dream to mentor others the way he was mentored, Andrew started Mixergy in 2004 as a series of events. A sidestep into creating event invitations almost sank the company, but Andrew pivoted into interviewing. Mixergy picked up traction and became the successful enterprise it is now.

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What is Mixergy?

Mixergy provides education to new and prospective founders in the form of interviews, courses, and master classes taught by successful entrepreneurs. The focus is on starting a business that you're going to stay in, not just a startup that you're going to build and immediately flip.

Interviews are in podcast form and are free. Courses and master classes are reserved for premium members who pay either $49.00 per month or $399.00 per year.

Start listening now with our list of top 10 Mixergy Startup Stories episodes.