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MicroMentor connects new entrepreneurs or small business owners with experienced business mentors to help grow their small businesses and employ more people. MicroMentor also provides an opportunity for seasoned businesspeople to volunteer and share their skills and knowledge with a new generation of entrepreneurs and startup founders.

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MicroMentor Key Information:

Year Founded



Portland, Oregon


1 (503) 465-4181


Mercy Corps Global Headquarters, 45 SW Ankeny St., Portland, OR 97204 US



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MicroMentor FAQs:

How do I get a business mentor through MicroMentor?

First you join the MicroMentor community by either creating an account or by using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account. Once you're signed in you can search for a potential mentor through the community based on skills, experience, location, language spoken, and other variables.

How do I sign up to be a MicroMentor business mentor?

Pretty much the same way - you join the community, then create a profile listing your qualifications and experience and other key points of information. Entrepreneurs looking for mentorship can then search through the list of potential mentors and reach out to you if you're a good fit.

I want to start a business mentorship initiative at my company - can MicroMentor help?

Absolutely. Mentorship is a great way to help seasoned employees stay involved and excited with their industries, and to build your next generation of skilled, socially conscious staff. If you're working within a large company, MicroMentor can help get an initiative started and provide reporting as to engagement. You can sign up either as a corporate entity or a government agency.

How much does the MicroMentor business mentor program cost?

MicroMentor is a completely free service that acts as a social network both for new entrepreneurs looking for mentors and for businesspeople who want to offer their skills and experience. MicroMentor is a Mercy Corps program, and is dedicated to increasing business success and investment to help fight poverty and build strong, successful communities.