The Top Mastermind Groups for 2019

Top Mastermind Groups

A mastermind group is a collection of like-minded professionals who regularly convene both online and in person to share advice and business growth strategies. The individual mastermind group definition can vary depending on the group's requirements: for example, there are groups that require members to have attained a certain level of net income, or be in a specific industry.

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A mastermind group can provide advice and support from some of the best minds in business. Depending on how much you're able to spend, you could find yourself face-to-face with today's top CEOs, Marketing Directors, Recruiters, and more. You can also find what you need with smaller regional and business-specific or online masterminds. These groups have a long history of success, so do your research, find the right mastermind group, and take your business to the next level.

The Top Mastermind Groups:

Mastermind Group


Starting Price



A$999.00 per month

Organized Brilliance

Real Estate Investors

Available upon acceptance

Joe Polish's Genius Network

Business Owners Making a Minimum of $9 Million Per Year

Available upon acceptance

10x Ambition Program with Dan Sullivan

Entrepreneurs with a Minimum Net Income of $500,000

$25,000.00 CDN


Business Leaders with $500,000 or More in Annual Revenue

Available upon acceptance

Carlton Coaching's Platinum Mastermind Group


Available upon acceptance

10X Factory

World-Class Entrepreneurs

Available upon acceptance

Brightly Immersive

Women Entrepreneurs


Greatness Mastermind with Lewis Howes

Entrepreneurs with a Minimum Net Income of $500,000

Available upon acceptance


High-Level Entrepreneurs

$3,525.00 initiation fee plus $3,525 per year

War Room Mastermind

Top-Level Executives & Founders of Funded Startups

$30,000.00 (plus $10,000.00 for a partner)

Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO)

Differs Per Type of Business, but Must Earn a Minimum of $1 Million Per Year

$2,500.00 initiation fee plus $2,400.00 per year

Business Mastermind Group
Find the Best Business Mastermind Group:
  • 10x Factory.
  • Eccountability.
  • Greatness Mastermind.
  • Vistage.
  • Organized Brilliance.
Find a Mastermind Group
Find a Mastermind Group:
  • Brightly Immersive.
  • Carlton Coaching's Platinum Mastermind Group.
  • Eccountability.
  • 10x Factory.
  • Joe Polish's Genius Network.
  • 10x Ambition Program.
Mastermind Group Books
Mastermind Group Books:
  • "The Mastermind Bible: How to Use a Mastermind Group to Become Successful" by Steve Jeremy.
  • "Mastermind Your Business: The Complete Guide to Starting a Mastermind Group" by Eric Moeller.
  • "Mastermind Group Blueprint: How to Start, Run, and Profit from Mastermind Groups" by Tobe Brockner.
  • "Your Dream Team: How to Start and Run a Mastermind Group" by Jenny Capella.
  • "Mastermind Groups: The Fastest and Safest Way to Grow Your Business" by Moe Nawaz
  • "Meet and Grow Rich: How to Easily Create and Operate Your Own Mastermind Group for Health, Wealth, and More" by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler


Where did the idea of mastermind groups come from?

While the mastermind group concept might seem like a recent one, the idea of mastermind groups can actually be traced to Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich," originally published in 1937. In the book Hill describes the mastermind group as a gathering of two or more people who work toward a single purpose. As they work, they develop a sort of third mind, one that exists because of their harmony in working together: that mind is the mastermind.

Mastermind groups can achieve far more than people working on their own, and the mastermind can only come about when people work together toward a similar purpose.

Learn more about masterminds with our list of the top mastermind groups.

How would I go about creating a mastermind group?

First, figure out the boundaries of your mastermind: do you want it to consist of people in the same industry? Do you want people who, regardless of industry, have achieved the same level of success? Your mastermind group definition is determined by you.

Once you've conceived your group's general makeup, reach out on social media. Meet people at networking events. Look up old colleagues or employers with whom you enjoyed working and whose input you'd benefit from. There are plenty of ways to build a mastermind group, and you'll likely think of more once your group begins to meet.

Some basic steps for creating a mastermind group include:

  1. Determine the makeup of your group - It's important that your mastermind consists of peers so you're facing the same issues, so this step requires some self-definition. Where are you in your career, your life, your business? Does it make sense to limit your mastermind group's membership to those who are making a certain dollar amount per year? Do you want your group to consist of women entrepreneurs? This is your group, so focus on who you want in it.
  2. Decide on the purpose of your mastermind group - Do you want to work together to grow your businesses 10x? Do you want to nourish and drive entrepreneurial success for people of color? Do you want to achieve a better work/life balance? A clear statement of purpose will provide a solid foundation upon which your mastermind group can grow.
  3. Figure out whether and how much you want to charge to join your mastermind group - Is your mastermind free, or will you charge for initiation and yearly or monthly dues? Think about this carefully, because while a free group may seem to be the most attractive option, paying a fee can encourage participation. Members who have some skin in the game are more likely to be active participants in your mastermind group.
  4. Think about the size of your group - large mastermind groups provide far more access to diverse opinions and advice, but maybe you're looking for something more intimate that encourages more open communication.
  5. Write a Code of Conduct - let members know what will and what will not be accepted in your mastermind group. A lot of frank talk can be, well, frank. Are you OK with expletives? Or do you want a less casual atmosphere? Being sure of what behavior is more conducive to what you want to achieve is important - it's much better to lay the ground rules out prior to membership than to (even gently) reprimand someone and potentially lose a solid voice in the group.

Find out more about masterminds with our list of the top mastermind groups.

What are some of the typical mastermind group rules?

It depends on the mastermind group, but there's often an expectation that you participate. A mastermind group won't work without active participation. In addition, there's generally an expected level of decorum and a focus on positive feedback. Make no mistake, though - if you're in a mastermind with high-level professionals, they won't hold back their honest critiques. This is good, because you've invested both your time and money, and you should expect to get and give gut-level business advice and support.

The more time you spend interacting with your group the more you'll figure out the dynamics. Some mastermind groups will be more or less formal depending on membership and the level of comfort you've achieved. The best bet is to join a mastermind group, introduce yourself, then hang back a bit and observe how other more seasoned members converse with each other.

Learn more about masterminds with our list of the top mastermind groups.

What are some of the questions to ask in a mastermind group?

One of the multiple benefits of a selective mastermind group is that you and the other members will be facing or will have faced many of the same issues. Here are a few examples of questions you can ask:

  • How do I properly delegate work?
  • How do I optimize my financial reporting so it tells me what I need to know?
  • What software should I use for client management?
  • How do I take my company to the next level?
  • How do I hire and retain the best employees?

Find the group for you in our list of the top mastermind groups.

What are the typical mastermind group activities?

Your mastermind group activities will be governed by the type of mastermind you join. Mastermind groups can range from intensive day-long seminars with strict agendas that provide limited access to the top minds in your industry to online groups that offer an ongoing conversation about the issues that affect business at the level you've achieved. Activities could include lectures from business leaders to free-form Q&As during which you can ask whatever questions you need.

Learn more about masterminds with our list of the top mastermind groups.

Why do some mastermind groups limit attendance or stop taking applications?

It depends on the makeup of the mastermind group, but many groups that meet in person cap the meetings at a small number of attendees to maximize interaction. Many count one on one time with the group founder or elite businesspeople as a feature of their groups, which would be unwieldy with a large group.

In addition, some mastermind groups like Brendon Burchard's High Performance Mastermind and Jeff Walker's Platinum Mastermind stop taking applications for other reasons, such as the mastermind has been disbanded so the founder can move on to new projects.

Find an active mastermind in our list of the top masterminds.

How do I find an ecommerce mastermind group?

There are a number of mastermind groups specifically created for ecommerce businesses. That said, as ecommerce demands specific skills and strategies, you'll want to research the available masterminds prior to joining. You need to speak to other ecommerce business owners to get the most benefit, so be sure to take the time to find the mastermind group that best suits your business.

Find the group that best fits you in our list of the top mastermind groups.

How do I find a mastermind group in my area?

If you're looking for a mastermind group near you, it should be as simple as searching for "mastermind group (city or area name)". Also, with localized search being the default, you should get results by searching "mastermind group near me" as well. Here are some region-specific mastermind groups to get you started:

  • Entrepreneur Mastermind Meetup Group of South Florida.
  • Original Philadelphia Entrepreneur & Business Meetup.
  • Atlanta Masterminds.
  • Houston Millionaire Mind Meetup.
  • San Diego Success Club.
  • Seattle Profit Pilots Amazon/Ecommerce Mastermind Group.
  • Masterpiece Business and Life in Portland, OR.
  • COS Masterminds in Colorado Springs, CO.

Find more groups in our list of the top mastermind groups.

How do I find a mastermind group for small business?

First you'll have to make sure your definition of "small business" is the same as the group's. Some high-profile groups have a minimum level of entry, such as an annual net profit of $500,000. That expectation could vary wildly from your reality. But keep in mind that if you don't find a mastermind that fits your business, there's nothing to stop you from creating a mastermind group of your own.

Find the group that suits you in our list of the best mastermind groups.

How much does it cost to join a mastermind group?

Cost varies per group, ranging from a few thousand dollars to the mid-five figures per year. Generally the cost is allayed by the value of the business information and advice active members get from the mastermind and the resultant growth in their own businesses. When you join a mastermind group, keep in mind that active participation is going to yield the best results, and make sure you have time in your schedule to make membership pay off.

Explore the best masterminds in our list of top mastermind groups.

How often do mastermind groups meet?

Some local masterminds meet monthly, while global masterminds may host events once per year. The benefits of a mastermind group typically include an array of different meetings and levels of engagement ranging from regular in-person or over the phone mentorship sessions combined with less frequent networking meetups. Online masterminds essentially are in one continuous meeting, as members can post questions and start conversations regardless of day or time.

Learn more about masterminds in our list of top mastermind groups.

What is a mastermind group hot seat?

When you join a mastermind group, you expect to give and get straightforward advice about operating and growing your business. The mastermind group hot seat takes that to the next level, and maybe the level beyond that. Hot seats consist of one person facing a firing line of other mastermind group members who hammer them with tough questions about their business, their attitude, the steps they have or haven't taken, whether they actually want to commit to their business, and essentially anything else that evolves during the session.

Mastermind group hot seats are raw. You get completely unvarnished advice that's typically neither warm nor fuzzy; it's essentially a group of smart, successful colleagues turning over the rock of your business and showing you the ugly bits. And because of that hot seats are one of the best reasons to join a mastermind group.

Find the mastermind that best fits you in our list of top mastermind groups.