Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

The Marketing School podcast with Neil Patel and Eric Siu features actionable marketing information in, typically, short 5 to 10 minute bursts. Marketing experts Patel and Siu discuss how to get the best results from SEO, email marketing, social media, content marketing, conversion optimization, and other popular tactics.

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Top 10 Marketing School Podcast Episodes:




You Should Spend the Majority of Your Time on These 2 Things

The hosts discuss the power of branding.

5 minutes

How to 19X Your Content Output

Eric and Neil talk about easy ways to multiply your content output.

6 minutes

The Most Successful People Do This

A conversation about the habits that lead to success.

6 minutes

How to Leverage Product Hunt to Gain More Traffic

The hosts explain how to use Product Hunt to increase your traffic.

5 minutes

Is AppSumo Worth It?

A discussion about what AppSumo is and whether it will help you.

5 minutes

Should You Charge on an Hourly, Monthly, or Yearly Basis?

How to ensure you're properly paid and are pulling in income when you need it.

6 minutes

The Best Kind of Growth

The hosts discuss what kind of growth is best for different types of businesses.

8 minutes

How Much Should You Charge Clients?

Neil and Eric explain how to charge what you're worth.

7 minutes

Here's What We Are Doing with Our Own Mastermind

The hosts discuss the Marketing School Mastermind.

6 minutes

What's the Best Way to Learn Marketing When You Don't Have Your Own Site?

A conversation about how to learn online marketing techniques without a website.

5 minutes

Key Information About the Marketing School Podcast:

Premiere Date

July 21, 2016


Neil Patel & Eric Siu

New Episode Release


The Marketing School Podcast Can Be Found At:


Why should I listen to the Marketing School podcast?

First, the hosts know marketing. Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketing expert and co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, a digital marketing firm that works with some of the world's top companies. Eric Siu is also a renowned digital marketing who purchased his company, Single Grain Marketing, for $2.00 and grew it into a marketing powerhouse.

Second, the hosts pack a lot of marketing know-how into daily podcasts that typically run shorter than 10 minutes. It's easy to add Marketing School to your day, because even if you're incredibly busy you can usually spend 5 minutes upping your marketing game. Also, each episode is topic-specific, and there are more than 1,000 episodes, so if you need some information on a specific marketing issue you'll likely find it's been covered.

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Why should I listen to Neil Patel and Eric Siu?

Because they're both proven experts in what works for digital marketing. They've helped multiple companies (including their own) get great results with SEO, paid search, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and more. They know what works, and Marketing School delivers solid advice into specific digital marketing techniques and tools in a bite-size length.

Both Patel and Siu are also tireless marketers (as evidenced in part from their releasing at least one podcast a day since 2016) and are on the leading edge of today's marketing tactics. If you're thinking of trying something new, they've probably covered it in Marketing School.

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Does the Marketing School podcast ever cover topics outside of digital marketing?

While Marketing School focuses on digital marketing, they do occasionally cover related topics. They have podcasts covering mastermind groups, personal branding, and running a business, for example. If you have a question regarding any business topic, it's worth searching through Marketing School's more than 1,000 episodes, as you'll probably find Patel and Siu have discussed it.

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What is Marketing School Live?

Marketing School Live was a free one-day marketing conference that Neil Patel and Eric Siu held in Los Angeles to celebrate more than 1 million downloads. They also offered an exclusive (limited to 20 people) dinner the night before for $2,000.00 a seat.

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