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ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger bot creation and management platform that helps clients grow their Messenger audiences and their businesses. ManyChat offers a suite of tools for campaign management, analysis, and tweaking to maximize interaction and ROI. The bots can be used for marketing, sales, and customer support.

ManyChat Pricing:

ManyChat starts out with a basic free branded plan that gives you some idea of what you can do with a bot campaign. Pro packages provide a full suite of tools and are priced incrementally based on the number of subscribers, beginning at $15.00 per month and automatically increasing as your subscriber list grows.

ManyChat Key Information:


Mikael Yang & Antony Gorin

Year founded



San Francisco, California

Number of employees

51 - 200

Address (primary)

353 Sacramento St., San Francisco, California 94111, US

Address (Moscow office)

ulitsa Zemlyanoy val 9, Moscow, Moscow City RU


ManyChat Can Be Found At:

ManyChat FAQs:

Is there a ManyChat course I can take to get started?

There is a free ManyChat course to get you up and running with chatbot creation and campaign management. The course consists of 6 basic modules spanning more than 13 hours of video:

  • Course 01 - Messenger Marketing & Chatbot 101: basic info on Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbots.
  • Course 02 - Best Practices for Bot-Building: dashboard walk-through and campaign management.
  • Course 03 - Best Practices for Messenger Marketing: understanding Messenger terms of service and how to use ManyChat tools.
  • Course 04 - 11 Messenger Blueprints for Acquisition: how to grow your Messenger audience.
  • Course 05 - 6 Messenger Blueprints for Reengagement & Monetization: specific click-to-Messenger ad blueprints and more.
  • Course 06 - 5 Miscellaneous & Out-of-the-Box Strategies: how to create a quiz, send coupon codes, and more.

How can I start using ManyChat Facebook ads?

You can actually start with ManyChat for free. You can create a bot with ManyChat's drag and drop builder and get access to a basic set of broadcasting and automation tools. Then, as your number of subscribers grows, you'll graduate to the Pro level.

What kind of businesses benefit by using ManyChat Facebook Messenger bots?

Any businesses that have a Facebook presence and a customer base can benefit by automating Messenger chat. For example, ManyChat works for restaurants by engaging with potential customers and providing hours of operations and menus, and ManyChat can work for real estate agents by providing listings to prospective home buyers.

The level of chat interaction and sophistication is really up to you. ManyChat provides the tools you'll need to run a successful bot marketing campaign and can reach customers with the right message in any stage of your sales funnel.

How do I become a ManyChat Agency Partner?

Your marketing agency can join ManyChat's Agency Program and offer bot creation and marketing services. For every Pro customer you bring on board your agency gets a 20% revenue share.

There are two different levels of partnership: Agency Partner, for agencies which meet the entry criteria and enroll in the program; and Messenger Marketing Experts, for agencies that demonstrate marked proficiency with bots and who get an Agency Listing with ManyChat.

ManyChat Reviews:

  • Isak P. via G2 Crowd: "Easiest way to create and learn about Facebook Messenger bots. Love the drag and drop interface - use it to show the rest of my team what the messages are and what the flow is. I also like the ability to send a preview message to Messenger so I can demo this to others. There is a lot of helpful educational material as well that makes is easy to learn about chatbots."
    • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Sara S. via G2 Crowd: "Very good Messenger chatbot. It does what it needs to do and it's free, which is amazing. I can very easily send messages for my company's bot subscribers, I can segment these messages, I can create sequences, and there are analytics reports for me to analyze in order to measure the performance of the messages I send with this. Great value for money, I really recommend this, especially if you work at a startup like me."
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Brad N. via G2 Crowd: "Moderately easy to use chat bot. ...nice interface with lots of options. moderately easy to use...[but] can be difficult to navigate and all the useful features require a monthly fee."
    • 4 out of 5 stars.