The Lean Startup Podcast - Top Episodes & More

The Lean Startup Podcast

The Lean Startup podcast features interviews with startup founders and business leaders who have used the Lean Startup method to grow their companies. The podcast illustrates how startups of all types can benefit from following Lean Startup principles, and provides real world examples of how those principles have led to success.

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The Lean Startup Podcast - Top 10 Episodes:




The Lean Startup & the Golden Age of Entrepreneurship

"Lean Startup" author Eric Reis and entrepreneur Leslie Bradshaw discuss leadership, innovation, and culture.

1 hour 16 minutes

Radical Simplicity: Solving the Right Problems to Build Products with Impact

Adobe's Tom Nguyen shares real examples and best practices about how to build better products.

32 minutes

Combining User-Centered Design & Lean Startup to Build Better Products

Product expert Laura Klein talks about how to dovetail user-centered design and Lean Startup when creating products.

1 hour

The 5 Experiments You Need to Find Product-Market Fit

In this workshop Justin Wilcox provides 5 experiments that will help you navigate your way to product-market fit.

58 minutes

Creating & Protecting an Innovation SWAT Team

Singularity University's Garrett Dunham discusses innovation, failure, and what businesses need to work together.

45 minutes

Building Products that Customers Love

Tom Nguyen talks about using Lean Startup to create one of Adobe's most successful mobile apps.

1 hour 3 minutes

Scaling Lean

"Running Lean" author Ash Maurya shares the key metrics to use for accurate ballparking and measuring a business model's output.

57 minutes

How Staying Lean Made Us Big

Kit founder Michael Perry discusses how Lean Startup grew his virtual assistant company from bare bones to a Shopify acquisition.

26 minutes

How an Accelerator Is Infusing Lean Startup

Techstar's Zach Nies shares how they use Lean Startup to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges.

28 minutes

Eliminate Your Ego: How an On Demand Meal Service Found Product-Market Fit

Udemy co-founder and Lyft advisor Gagan Biyoni discuss Lean Startup and his newest endeavor, Sprig.

39 minutes

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Lean Startup Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the Lean Startup podcast?

If you're interested in the Lean Startup methodology and what it could do for your business the Lean Startup podcast should be on your radar; it features multiple real-world examples of how entrepreneurs have used Lean Startup to build and grow companies. Successful founders talk about what's worked for them, what hasn't, and what they learned along the way.

The Lean Startup podcast breaks down every aspect of the methodology into actionable techniques that have been used by organizations outside the startup realm, from government agencies to the U.S. Olympic Team. In more than 250 episodes and counting you'll find a wealth of thoughtful examinations of you can use Lean Startup. In addition, many of the podcasts are recorded sessions from the Lean Startup Conference, so you have access to live discussions you'd otherwise have missed.

Read our list of the top 10 Lean Startup podcast episodes.

What is the Lean Startup?

The Lean Startup is a way to approach founding a business by creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to discover your customer base, then tweaking that product based on feedback. It uses a build-measure-learn methodology for decision making, so you can continue with your current iteration of your product or pivot based on customer response.

Lean Startup has been adopted, adapted, and used by many successful companies, government agencies, and other organizations to deliver what their customers or users want and need.

Learn more by listening to the Lean Startup podcast top 10 episodes.

Who are some of the entrepreneurs featured in the Lean Startup podcast?

In more than 250 episodes the Lean Startup podcast boasts some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and leaders, including LinkedIn's Reid Hoffman, former CTO for the United States' Aneesh Chopra, Techstars' Zach Nies, Humana's Gaeta Wilson, and many more. Lean Startup author Eric Ries leads some of the discussions as well, providing the perspective of the creator of the concept.

Hear from successful entrepreneurs in the Lean Startup podcast top 10 episodes.