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The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup began as a book by Eric Ries, an entrepreneur and author. The Lean Startup methodology caught on and it became a movement that involves applying entrepreneurship principles to all aspects of an organization to spur rapid growth with methodical testing. There are Lean Startup meet-ups across the world to help entrepreneurs and companies innovate and expand.

The Lean Startup Company was born from the success of "The Lean Startup" and hosts live events and education programs and has compiled a library of online Lean Startup resources.

The Lean Startup Company Key Information:


Eric Ries & Heather McGough

Year Founded



San Francisco, California

Number of employees

11 - 50


655 Montgomery St, San Francisco, California 94111 US


Lean Startup hub website

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Lean Startup FAQs:

What is the Lean Startup Methodology?

The Lean Startup Methodology provides a means to continuously test a company's vision so the finished product meets the customers' needs. Many startups myopically focus their time on creating and building a product without taking into account what customers actually want; the Lean Startup Methodology helps companies ensure their products actually solve customer problems.

The Lean Startup Methodology centers around developing and testing a minimum viable product (MVP) which can be provided to customers and then fleshed out according to feedback. This development of a feedback loop and continual testing is a key aspect of growth hacking.

What are the Lean Startup Principles?

The Lean Startup Principles break the Lean Startup down into 5 key postulates:

  1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere - you can support entrepreneurship at every level of your organization.
  2. Entrepreneurship is management - management is far more dynamic than the standard MBA definition.
  3. Validated learning - you run experiments that provide insight into each aspect of your startup's vision.
  4. Innovation accounting - you need a new kind of accounting, one that measures progress and effectively prioritizes work.
  5. Build-measure-learn - develop the minimum viable product, measure customer response, then learn whether to pivot or stay on course.

What does the Lean Startup Company do?

The Lean Startup Company is essentially the educational arm of the Lean Startup Movement. They host events such as The Lean Startup Conference, provide educational resources for startups and enterprises, and compile a large library of online Lean Startup resources including blog posts, webcasts, and podcasts.