Who Should Apply to the Winter 2020 Cohort of 10x Growth Academy?

  • You want a live, 8-week program that that includes mentoring and dives deep into the intricacies of your business.
  • You're struggling to level-up your business, distracted by shiny objects & reinventing the wheel, or just need someone who has been there / done that.
  • You want to join a community of entrepreneurs all committed to growing their businesses from $1m to $10m and beyond.

How 10x Growth Academy Will Help Accelerate Your Business…

  1. Get Access to World-Class Mentors

    10x Factory and Level 5 Mentors teamed up to create a program that leverages our combined resources and expertise in business, marketing, and entrepreneurship to help individuals and businesses navigate growth and scale. With access to best-in-class mentors, experts, and an entire community of over 1,100 vetted founders and entrepreneurs, this workshop is designed to take your business to the next level.

  2. Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Success leaves clues & people before you have already paved the way. Even if you are in a new industry, most business challenges are the same. Whether it is raising money, getting distribution, managing cash flow, or hiring the right people, our members have already done it.

  3. Focus On What Matters

    It is easy to get lost in the weeds of your business and divert your attention from the things that really matter. Surround yourself with people who will help you stay laser-focused on the things that will truly grow your business.

  4. Thrive In an Environment of Like-Minded People

    Being an entrepreneur, you have so much passion and drive but not everyone shares that passion. Often to channel your best entrepreneur, you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who will bring out the best in you.

"Within the first three months working with Ken, I was able to, with his guidance, create an entirely new offering, and sell over $200,000.00US of it to clients to whom I'll be able to provide a service that is completely fulfilling to me and essential to them." Dr. Sean Pastuch Dr. Sean Pastuch Founder of Active Life

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the agenda for the 8-week Academy?

Week 1: Mindset and Goal setting Week 2: Gaining focus and Developing Your Strategy Using Impact Filters Week 3: Team Building - Elevating Above Competition Week 4: Entrepreneurial Time System Week 5: Unique Process Advantage, Differentiating Your Product or Service Week 6: Transform Your Client Relationships Week 7: Setting Goals and Managing Short-Term Accomplishments Week 8: Putting It All Together

What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

There’s no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has members who’ve grown their companies to multiple stages, $1m, $5m, $10m even over $100m. Some have raised tons of money, others have bootstrapped. Along the way, they’ve had to solve common business issues, such as product market fit, how to scale, hiring great people, raising money, creating growth frameworks, accelerating lead gen and a whole lot more. We guarantee that you’re going to be blown away by the knowledge in here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you’ll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win community.

I submitted an application. Will I be accepted?

Everyone who submits an application goes through a verification process to help maintain the quality of our community. If you do not meet these standards, you will not be accepted.

Can my membership be revoked?

As a community of world class entrepreneurs, it is important that we are helping each other & treating each other with respect. If you cannot do this, your membership will be immediately revoked.

Why a Slack Community & not a Facebook group?

It’s simple — Slack is a productivity chat tool used by entrepreneurs to efficiently communicate. Conversations in Slack can be private and organized. Furthermore, Slack gives you more control over the notifications that you receive.

Why not a physical entrepreneurship group?

Physical entrepreneurship groups are limited by their location and are a lot like gyms: you may have a membership, but it doesn't mean you'll actually go. With 10XFactory, you'll have world-class talent at your fingertips without having to hop a flight or spend time away from family, friends or work.

10x Growth Academy is a workshop that can geometrically accelerate the growth of ANY business. Shane Hvizdzak Shane Hvizdzak 3X Tech Founder & Fund Manager