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Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is an entrepreneur best known for co-founding Yahoo!, for which he was also CEO. Since leaving Yahoo! in 2012 he has mentored and provided funding to more than 50 startups through his firm AME Cloud Ventures. Jerry Yang holds board seats on Alibaba, Workday Inc., and the Lenovo Group. His philanthropy includes large donations to Stanford University (he and his wife's alma mater) and the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

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Jerry Yang Key Information:

Date of birth

November 6, 1968


Taipei, Taiwan



University attended

Stanford University

Degree attained (undergrad)

BS in Electrical Engineering

Degree attained (postgrad)

MS in Electrical Engineering

Current occupation

Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures

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What is Jerry Yang's net worth?

Jerry Yang's current net worth is reported to be $2.6 billion USD.

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How did Jerry Yang found Yahoo?

In 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo were in Stanford University's Ph.D. program when they realized that the web was difficult to navigate due to its lack of curation. They dropped out of school and created a hierarchical directory called "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web." It quickly grew in popularity and they renamed it Yahoo!. Yahoo! went through two rounds of funding, then went public in 1996. It raised $33.8 million USD and was valued at $848 million USD.

By 1998 the Yahoo! directory was the most popular search engine on the web. Since then it's gone through a number of restructurings due to intense pressure from competitors such as Google. After years of turbulence, Jerry Yang left Yahoo! and resigned from all his board positions in January of 2012.

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What investments has Jerry Yang led at AME?

Jerry Yang has been AME's lead investor in a number of ventures, including Arterys, whose AI-driven medical imaging solutions provide deeper diagnostics along with cloud-based collaboration between physicians. Other companies Jerry has led AME to invest in include Evernote, Lyft, and Slack.

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What are some of Jerry Yang's philanthropic efforts?

Jerry Yang and his wife Akiko Yamazaki are both active in the San Francisco art scene, and have donated $25 million to San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, the largest donation in the museum's history. They also donated $75 million to Stanford University, their alma mater, $50 million of which was allocated to the construction of the "Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building."

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What are some of Jerry Yang's best quotes?

As someone who helped pioneer the concept of search engines, Jerry Yang has had a lot to say about the web and technology. Here are some of his quotes:

  • "Search is not just an activity or a destination. It's becoming more integrated and more of a platform."

  • "I don't think Yahoo can be Facebook tomorrow, and I don't think Yahoo wants to be Facebook."

  • "The relevance of search is still the Holy Grail for any search application."

  • "If you're not in the game to win, you shouldn't be in the game."

  • "The Internet's a driving force in the change of mass media to 'my media,' in which consumers will be their own programmers."

  • "I have never seen so many people with cameras. It is kind of scary."

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