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GrowthHackers is a company and community devoted to discovering and applying sustainable growth practices to business. supports the GrowthHackers blog, Growth University, and their growth hacking software, NorthStar. They also host the yearly GrowthHackers Conference.

GrowthHackers Key Information:


Sean Ellis & Jason Meresman

Year founded



Costa Mesa, California

Number of employees

11 - 50


1901 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, California 92627


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GrowthHackers FAQs:

What does GrowthHackers' NorthStar software do?

NorthStar provides visibility into growth hacking initiatives across internal teams while helping them identify and focus on their ultimate goal, the North Star Metric. NorthStar ensures that the various growth hacks used are measurable and in the service of that main goal. The software helps ensure ideas are prioritized, tested, and analyzed.

What is Growth University?

Growth University is a collection of growth hacking training courses presented by Sean Ellis, Co-Founder of GrowthHackers. The University also offers Virtual Passes to the 2017 and 2018 GrowthHackers Conferences. The courses vary in cost, with the Growth Master Training Course being the most expensive at $299.00.

Where do I find the GrowthHackers blog?

The GrowthHackers Blog is a collection of growth hacking articles from experts across the web, along with case studies, Q&As, AMAs, growth hacking videos, and more. You can access it by clicking on "Community" in the main menu of

What is the purpose of GrowthHackers?

Growth hacking is a widely used but still relatively new collection of tactics focused on rapid experimentation. Because the term itself is somewhat malleable and the methods are typically unconventional, GrowthHackers sprung up as a community where growth hackers could consolidate and share information.

Since Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacking" in 2010, these tactics have become a discipline and "Growth" has been affixed and appended to an increasing number of marketing job titles and descriptions. GrowthHackers provides a place for the growth hacking profession to grow its knowledge base and peer group.