The Growth Show Podcast from HubSpot

The Growth Show Podcast

The Growth Show podcast, created and produced by HubSpot, features entrepreneurs and the stories behind how they grew their businesses from the idea stage to success. The Growth Show also explores what it is to be a business owner, and covers how to be a great boss, how to hire and inspire your employees, and, most importantly, how you'll never have all the answers. There are also a number of episodes concerning personal growth and how to nurture and balance your life and work.

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Top Ten Growth Show Podcast Episodes:




Seth Godin

HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe interviews Seth Godin, referred to as the best marketing brain on the planet.

28 minutes

The Unconventional Habits of Highly Productive People

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author Charles Duhigg shares his findings on how to have a successful career and life.

35 minutes

What Great Bosses Do Differently

Why, as an employer, you shouldn't sit on employee feedback, even if it could be perceived as "mean."

36 minutes

The Happiness Equation: How to Design a More Fulfilling Life

Neil Pasricha, author of "The Happiness Equation," shares his research about what really makes people happy in work and in life.

30 minutes

Patagonia's Rick Ridgeway: Eye-Opening Lessons for Working (and Living) Adventurously

Patagonia's VP of Environmental Affairs shares how complete transparency works for customers and employees.

36 minutes

How to Inspire Others to Make Bold Changes: Tips for Turning Your Vision into Reality

Communications experts and co-authors of "Illuminate" Nancy Duarte and Patty Sanchez discuss setting a solid vision and getting your team on board.

25 minutes

How to Become an Influential Leader: Tips on Hiring, Growth, and Management from Charlene Li

The Founder & CEO of Altimeter Group shares her philosophy on hiring and other top leadership issues.

28 minutes

From Marketing to Mountain Biking: How to Learn Anything

Chief Sumu at Noah Hagan discusses how he challenges himself to learn new skills for life and business.

28 minutes

Behind the Scenes with Zappos: How to Build a Lovable Company Culture

Zappos' John Wolske talks about his company's unique approach to management, organizational structure, and culture.

29 minutes

Gimlet Media Co-Founders Alex Blumberg and Max Lieber

The Gimlet leaders discuss their popular shows and what led them to form a media company.

34 minutes

The Growth Show Podcast Key Information:

Premiere Date

January 29, 2015


Meghan Keaney Anderson, HubSpot VP of Marketing

Episode Release


The Growth Show Podcast Can Be Found At:

The Growth Show Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the Growth Show podcast?

With almost 200 episodes, the Growth Show podcast boasts interviews with some of the greatest minds in business, entrepreneurship, and marketing, including Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Amy Chang, Phillipe Kahn, Guy Kawasaki, and more. The Growth Show digs into the growth philosophies of corporations that grew huge seemingly overnight, startups that took time to gain traction, and the benefits and problems stemming from both.

The Growth Show also features several episodes focused on personal growth and how to reframe perceived weaknesses as strengths. You'll find episodes about working hard to get what you want, really understanding what you want in the first place, and the dangers of workaholism. The Growth Show podcast combines inspiration with real talk about operating a business, and with most episodes running 30 minutes or less is an easy add to your daily commute or daily breaks.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an SaaS company offering CRM platforms for marketing, sales, and service. Their philosophy is that you can achieve all you need to without being aggressive or using "in your face" techniques, so their software focuses on inbound campaigns that show measurable ROI. The basic CRM that underlies all the other HubSpot software is free, and their pricing for the "add-on" software varies based on the number of clients.

This non-invasive philosophy of marketing and customer service allows HubSpot unique access into the thinking and methodology that best helps businesses grow, an insight that's reflected in the Growth Show podcast. You can learn more about HubSpot and their SaaS offerings on their website.

What are some of the best Growth Show episodes for bosses?

The Growth Show features many great episodes discussing what it takes to be a good boss; here are just a few (with their release dates):

  • January 19, 2016 - "What Great Bosses Do Differently." Why employers shouldn't hold back feedback even if it may be perceived as unkind.
  • October 13, 2015 - "Embracing Doubt and Other Leadership Lessons From a Former Executive at LinkedIn." Kevin Eyres discusses how doubt can be a powerful tool for becoming an innovative leader.
  • March 29, 2016 - "Why the Best Managers Don't Have All the Answers." The author of "The Coaching Habit" explains how a manager can ask questions to help guide employees to find solutions on their own.
  • June 14, 2016 - "What Most Managers Get Wrong About Hiring." Conventional hiring is broken, and Entelo CEO John Bischke is on a mission to fix it.
  • February 18, 2016 - "The Power of No: 3 Leaders Discuss Their Most Difficult Decisions." Author Kim Scott, Wistia Co-Founder Chris Savage, and Everlane Founder Michael Preysman talk about the hardest leadership decisions they've made in their careers.