Growth Marketing in 2019: The Entrepreneur's Guide

Top Growth Marketing Trends for 2019

Growth marketing uses data from an organization's entire marketing funnel to understand how people engage, then employs that understanding to grow an audience and strengthen the company's brand. Growth marketing is a long-term solution that focuses on long-term customer acquisition vs. quick one-off sales.

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Top Growth Marketing Ideas for 2019:

1. Deeper use of analytics-driven data.

Analytics plays a key role in growth marketing, but it's important to really understand what KPIs (key performance indicators) to use. Many people fixate solely on conversions, which are always important, but effective growth marketing demands a more holistic approach.

Consider carefully your entire marketing funnel and how your customers move through it. You want to have a clear view and understand and build on each stage of customer interaction with your company. To fully support growth marketing, analytics should be used to understand the entirety of the customer relationship.

2. Personalization.

As you use data to learn more about your customer, you can better respond to that individual customer throughout the marketing and sales process. You'll have access regarding what that customer's previously purchased, what articles they've read, what pages they've quickly bounced from, and what forms of marketing they've responded well to.

Let go of generalized mass emails and standard newsletters, and start speaking directly to targeted groups. Being able to communicate with your customer as an individual rather than a "type" will yield far greater sales and a considerably more solid and long-lasting relationship.

3. AI.

Artificial intelligence will play an increasingly greater role in growth marketing, Chatbots, for example, are becoming more and more intuitive, and in direct relation customers are getting more accustomed to chatting with a machine vs. a human being (if they can even tell the difference).

As they evolve to "understand" more and more about the specific customer they're chatting with and the data associated with that customer, the interactions will become more natural and productive. The use of AI where and when it's most effective will continue to grow as AI becomes more capable; as it is, it's a powerful tool toward building customer relationships and sustained growth.

4. Voice search.

A large number of people are using voice to search online, and this number will only increase as devices featuring voice interaction become both more sophisticated and less expensive. Voice changes the semantics of search: whereas someone would type in, say, "local mexican restaurant" the equivalent voice search could be "where is the nearest mexican restaurant?"

The ability to position well with all kinds of search queries requires that content be written with all kinds of search in mind.

5. Optimizing for mobile.

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with their phones, and are more likely to complete entire transactions on their devices rather than waiting to make payment on a laptop or desktop. If your site's not mobile-friendly you'll find yourself losing both on-the-spot sales and lifetime customers.

Growth marketing will continue to include a large role for mobile optimization as mobile devices increase their inclusion in all levels of the sales funnel.

Leading Growth Marketers
Leading Growth Marketers:
  • Sean Ellis - GrowthHackers CEO.
  • Brianne Kimmel - ZenDesk Growth Marketing.
  • Neil Patel - KISSmetrics & HelloBar Cofounder.
  • Rebecca Rosenfelt - Airbnb Growth PM.
  • Alex Schultz - Facebook VP of Growth.
  • Fareed Mosavat - Slack Senior PM, Growth.
  • Ehsan Jahandarpour - Advanced Growth Hacking Training.

2019 Growth Marketing Conferences:




GrowthHackers Conference

San Diego, California


Traffic & Conversion Summit

San Diego, California

February 25-27, 2019

Marketing Show North

Manchester, United Kingdom

February 27-28, 2019

MicroConf: Growth Edition

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 24-26, 2019

CXL Live

Austin, Texas

March 27-29, 2019

Growth Marketing Stage

Kyiv, Ukraine

April 4, 2019

Hero Conf

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 23-25, 2019


Toronto, Ontario

May 20-23, 2019

Hustle Con

Oakland, California

June 2019


Seattle, Washington

July 15-17, 2019

DATAx Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

July 23-24, 2019


Sydney, Australia

August 21-22, 2019

Growth Marketing Summit

Frankfort, Germany

September 3, 2019

Growth Marketing Conference

San Francisco, California

December 10-11, 2019

Top Growth Marketing Agencies
Top Growth Marketing Agencies
  • Deviate Labs
  • GrowthRocks
  • BAMF Media
  • Ladder
  • Voxturr


What's the difference between growth marketing and growth hacking?

Growth marketing is a long-term process that consists of many techniques used to strengthen the customer relationship through all levels of the marketing funnel. Growth hacking involves questioning long-held beliefs while data mining to create experimental, often counterintuitive techniques that spur rapid growth.

There's some disagreement regarding this division of terms, as some marketers insist they're the same thing, but the majority seems to agree that growth marketing is a gradual process that involves many techniques. That said, the methods used in growth hacking, if they're successful, can become useful tools in an overall growth marketing campaign.

Learn more about growth marketing.

Should I hire a freelance growth marketer?

You could, and there are likely plenty qualified growth marketing consultants out there. The thing to remember, though, is that growth marketing is a long-term strategy. You need someone who can analyze your entire marketing funnel and optimize customer contract throughout the funnel. This takes both a lot of work and a fair amount of time, so you may want to consider adding an in-house growth marketer to your team.

Another option is to train your existing team to become savvy growth marketers. There are multiple growth marketing courses and bootcamps available, and major marketing conferences will cover growth marketing methods. You'd have the sizeable advantage of people with deep knowledge of your business applying growth marketing techniques, which is the best possible situation.

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Should I invest in a growth marketing platform?

Effective growth marketing involves a large number of variables, from actionable customer data to all your marketing efforts. If you don't currently have software that is able to keep track of both your entire marketing funnel and all your marketing campaigns, you may want to consider purchasing a growth marketing platform, one that has the capacity to grow with your increasing engagement.

Iterable and Marketing 360 are both well-regarded growth marketing platforms, and Salesforce has enhanced its software to embrace growth marketing as well. All these platforms offer trial versions, so take some time and find the one that fits your company best.

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Should I hire a growth marketing analyst?

Analysts are among the top tier of growth marketing professionals. The growth marketing analyst job description includes the ability to access and use data from all levels of your marketing funnel, to act quickly and take advantage of successful marketing efforts while learning from unsuccessful techniques, and to ensure that all your marketing is feeding substantial growth.

Growth marketing analysts need to know your company inside and out while parsing data and managing what could be a large number of diverse marketing campaigns. If you already have someone on staff who has both experience with your company and analytics, it may make sense to invest in training them; if you don't have someone with even a nascent skill set in-house, you'll likely want to bring a professional in.

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Where can I learn more about growth marketing?

There are a number of excellent blogs and presentation websites by leading-edge growth marketers. Here are just a few:

  • Ehsan Jahandarpour's blog.
  • Anum Hussain's growth presentations.
  • Brian Balfour's blog.
  • Sylvia Ng's blog.
  • Andrew Chen's essays.
  • Grow & Convert's content marketing blog.
  • Growth Hackers' blog.
  • Neil Patel's blog.
  • GrowthRocks' growth hacking blog.

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