20 Top Growth Hacking Resources for 2019

20 Top Growth Hacking Resources for 2019

Growth hacking is the use of often unorthodox and even counterintuitive ideas to exponentially grow a business. A key aspect of growth hacking involves examining long-held, popular, and seemingly unassailable assumptions about methods to growth and discovering whether they still merit consideration.

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20 Top Growth Hacking Resources for 2019:

1. 10X Factory.

10X Factory’s exclusive Slack channel provides direct access to today's smartest founders and entrepreneurs. Ask questions, get advice, and learn what successful founders are doing right now to hack growth at their businesses.

2. GrowthHackers.

GrowthHackers is a central hub relied on by a myriad of growth-focused engineers, marketers, and startup founders. They have an active growth hacking forum, an indispensable blog, and numerous deep-dive case studies on well-known growth strategies employed by some of the fastest growing startups.

3. Ahrefs.

SEO has the potential to drive massive free traffic if you know how to do it ethically and can keep up with the latest engine algorithm changes and optimization techniques. The Ahrefs blog offers current and honest SEO and marketing tips and news.

4. Groove.

Through their blog, Groove has been sharing the story of how they've built their business step-by-step. You'll learn the techniques they use to hack growth - often times by storytelling - and find some comfort in reading about how other startups are run. They've just launched Groove 2.0, and have some more growth-related stories to accompany the new version.

5. The Lean Startup.

Eric Ries, in his bestselling book and on his website, shows how a company can test assumptions before investing too much effort in ideas that are doomed from the beginning.

What Are the Best Growth Hacking Strategies?
What Are the Best Growth Hacking Strategies?
  • Scrutinizing and testing industry or business assumptions.
  • Observing and deconstructing successful business's growth.
  • Finding ways to profitably bend the rules.
  • Constantly testing new ideas / hacks.
  • Turning successful hacks into practices.
  • Building new hacks from successful techniques.
  • Kicking over stones & finding surprising new methods.

6. Andrew Chen.

Sign up for Andrew's newsletter and get long-form essays on topics like viral marketing, startup metrics, and design from the former leader of Uber's rider growth team and a veteran of many other Silicon Valley startups.

7. Tim Ferriss.

Tim Ferriss regularly interviews people who have hacked growth in a wide array of fields and deconstructs their lessons and growth hacking techniques.

8. Sean Ellis's Startup Marketing.

Go straight to the source: in this case Sean Ellis's "Startup Marketing," the blog of the person who coined the term "growth hacker." He also happened to work at DropBox, LogMeIn, and other successful startups as the marketer who brought them from zero to success.

9. Copy Hackers.

Good copywriting, if not a growth hack in and of itself, is certainly a basic skill you'll need to master to grow. You'll want to have an idea of what the best practices are, and what's already been tried, and how to avoid pitfalls: Copy Hackers will give you just that.

10. Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Cialdini's books, including the bestsellers "Influence" and "Pre-Suasion," come up often when people talk about growth. He's written about the psychology of persuasion, how to create products and marketing that appeal the people naturally, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

11. Bot Academy.

Bot marketing via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger is a hot marketing trend and proven means of growth hacking, and Bot Academy offers great video tutorials on their blog that can help you learn how to take advantage of it.

12. Backlinko.

Backlinko founder Brian Dean offers up tips and hacks for SEO, copywriting, and much more. His tips are especially great for early-stage SEO and linkbuilding. Don't just read his tips though - deconstruct what he's doing, how he conveys information, and the persuasion techniques he uses.

13. Google Analytics Academy.

One of the keys to growing your business is being able to measure the results of your growth hacks. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for measuring website interactions, and Google Academy's free courses provide great insight into how to get the most out of it.

14. Tamir Vigder.

Tamir founded his first startup at 15 and helped HashChing, an Australian home loan negotiation firm, generate $7 million in less than 20 hours using viral video marketing. His "Let's Talk Growth" YouTube video walks you through the exact steps.

15. Georgiana Laudi.

Georgiana, while booked far in advance, offers strategy sessions in her field of expertise - Customer-Centric Marketing. She's also creating a growth hacking guide for SaaS founders and marketers; you can provide your email for updates.

What Are the Best Growth Hacking Blogs?
What Are the Best Growth Hacking Blogs?
  • GrowthHackers.
  • Sean Ellis's Startup Marketing.
  • Tim Ferriss's blog.
  • Neil Patel's blog.
  • Copy Hackers.
  • Groove's blog.

16. Cali Pitchel Schmidt & #hacklikealady.

Cali Pitchel Schmidt is an accomplished copywriter and growth marketer. She created a comprehensive Twitter list of female growth hackers who post amazing content on the latest strategies and techniques in use by fast-growing startups.

17. GrowthHackers Conference.

The 2018 GrowthHackers Conference featured speakers including Gina Gotthilf - Duolingo, Larry Kim - Wordstream, Elena Verna - SurveyMonkey, Ed Baker - Uber/Facebook, and Casey Winters - Pinterest. Visit their site for a virtual pass for the 2018 conference and news about 2019's can't-miss event.

18. Neil Patel.

Neil Patel has been on the front lines of growth for years, and his blog provides key information on SEO, online marketing, and how to radically grow your business.

19. ManyChat.

Chatbots are the bleeding edge of growth hacking tools with sites generating massive increases in conversions and engagement. ManyChat is one of the leading chatbot creation platforms.

20. r/GrowthHacking.

The GrowthHacking subreddit is a highly-engaged growth hacking community covering topics across SEO, SEM, coding, and CRO.


What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking involves questioning established methodology and rapidly trying and testing fresh ideas, many of which may seem counterintuitive. When the new ideas generate results they become processes, and new hacks are built from them.

Grow your business with our list of top growth hacking techniques.

What are the latest growth hacking techniques?

One of the most recent growth hacking techniques lies in observing trends in social media - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. - and developing ways to use those trends to get in front of, capture, and keep the largest possible audience.

Learn more of the latest techniques with our list of growth hacking resources.

Is there a concrete definition of the growth hacking process?

Not as such. Growth hacking is a process of constant reimagining - reimagining old ideas, old methods, old ways of testing - and rapid experimentation, and because it's fluid it's difficult to find an agreed-upon "growth hacking process" that would suit all businesses. Many prominent authors have put forth their own definitions, though.

Discover great growth hacks with our list of top growth hacking resources.

Where can I learn growth hacking?

There are a number of blogs written by experienced growth hackers, but while you can learn from others growth hacking is really learned on the fly while you grow your own business. You can learn growth hacking techniques at conferences, but your successful growth hacks will evolve from your own experimentation and testing.

Learn great hacks with our list of top growth hacking resources.