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Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy consists of a series of free online courses that increase familiarity with Google's website traffic measurement tools. The Analytics Academy differs in intent from Google Ads or Google Cloud Certification, which are professional designations granted upon successful completion of those programs. Regardless of whether it results in certification, the Academy provides education into powerful tools that provide deep insight into a site's performance.

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How do I attain Google Analytics Academy certification?

Google Analytics Academy is a collection of courses intended to provide you with deep knowledge about how to use Google Analytics to measure traffic to your website. There is no official Google Analytics Academy Certification. You can, however, earn a Google Analytics Individual Qualification at Google's Academy for Ads, which is specifically for Google Analytics users who run Google Ads campaigns.

There are also higher levels of certification for agencies, who can become Google Analytics Certified Partners or Google Analytics Sales Partners. There are also a number of advanced resources for Google Analytics Developers.

What are the available Google Analytics Academy courses?

There are 5 Google Analytics Academy courses covering all aspects of using Google Analytics to track organic traffic:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners - this course teaches you the fundamentals of Google Analytics, including setting up goals and conversion tracking.
  • Advanced Google Analytics - this course prepares you for pulling deeper and more comprehensive data from Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics for Power Users - with this course you'll learn how to expand your use of Google Analytics to include actionable business performance data.
  • Getting Started with Google Analytics 360 - Google Analytics 360 is an enterprise-level set of tools that provides insight into a wide range of user behavior; this course teaches you how to use this powerful platform.
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals - taking this course will help you use Google Tag Manager, which greatly simplifies tag integration for tracking specific user behaviors.

Are there any other Google Analytics Academy courses?

There are a number of mini-courses available via playlists on Google Analytics YouTube channel, ranging from entry-level Quick Tips to more advanced courses such as TV Attribution Essentials.

How does Google Analytics help with growth hacking?

Measurement is essential to growth hacking, which involves quickly applying a number of growth techniques, often unconventional, and measuring the results to find out if you want to expand upon, pivot from, or abandon those methods. Google Analytics is a platform that can deliver critical data, and more precise and actionable data the more you know how to use it.

Which is where Google Analytics Academy comes in.