Global Female Leaders 2019 - Overview & Key Information

Global Female Leaders 2019

Global Female Leaders 2019 is an international gathering of women CEOs and political leaders to discuss the changing business landscape and how powerful women can make their mark in business and society. This leadership and CEO forum features discussions on topics ranging from trade conflicts and authoritarianism to climate change to the power held by women business leaders.

Global Female Leaders 2019 Cost:

The delegate participation fee for Global Female Leaders 2019 is € 2,995.00.

Global Female Leaders 2019 Key Information:


May 12 - 14, 2019


Berlin, Germany

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Global Female Leaders 2019 FAQs:

What is the Global Female Leaders 2019 agenda?

The forum starts out with an icebreaker session of Think Tank Academy on the afternoon of May 12. Following that is the first keynote speech of the gathering, then a pre-summit welcome reception. The following day consists of keynotes, panel discussions, networking sessions, and think tanks, as does the third and final day of the summit.

It's a great deal of information packed into a short time. Visit the Global Female Leaders 2019 site for the detailed agenda.

What are some of the Global Female Leaders 2019 keynotes?

Global Female Leaders 2019's keynotes cover business and the environment, how tech affects and will continue to affect business, global trade, and more:

  • "What if Nature Became a Profitable Business?" - Patricia Ricard, Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard, France.
  • "What Makes European Trade Different: Equality, Sustainability and Multilateralism" - Dr Cecilia Malmström, European Commission, EU.
  • "The Words We Use Matter" - Cassie Kozyrkov, Google, USA.
  • "Rise of the Robots? Why Human Experience Will Be Central to Success in the Future of Work" - Guy Grainger, JLL, UK.
  • "From Flying Cars to Humans on Mars: The Future of Transportation" - Dr Anita Sengupta, Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), USA.

Who are some of the other Global Female Leaders 2019 speakers?

The speakers scheduled for Global Female Leaders 2019 represent a wide variety of business and cultural experience. Here are just a few from the forum's impressive roster:

  • Stefanie Babka - Global Head of Internal Content and Media, Merck.
  • Sonia Cissé - Head of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications/Privacy Team, Linklaters LLP.
  • Dr Nicole de Paula - CEO, Global Health Asia Institute, Thailand.
  • Dr Christine Haupt - General Manager Services, Microsoft, Germany.
  • Regina Oladipo - Head of EU Exit Digital Delivery and Strategy, UK Government.

Why should I attend Global Female Leaders 2019?

You'll be hearing from and speaking with the best minds in business and policy from around the world. Global Female Leaders is not only concerned with the current state of business, but where business will be years from now. Topics discussed include diversity, technology, trade equality, globalism, and other game changing issues.

Attending the Global Female Leaders 2019 forum is a way to stay up to date with critical issues affecting world economy and the future of global business.