Global Female Leaders 2020 - Overview & Key Information

Global Female Leaders 2020

Global Female Leaders 2020 is an international gathering of women CEOs and political leaders to discuss the changing business landscape and how powerful women can make their mark in business and society. This leadership and CEO forum features discussions on topics ranging from trade conflicts and authoritarianism to climate change to the power held by women business leaders.

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Global Female Leaders 2020 Cost:

The delegate participation fee for Global Female Leaders 2019 is € 2,995.00.

Global Female Leaders 2020 Key Information:


May 10 - 12, 2020


Berlin, Germany


Global Female Leaders Can Be Found At:


What is the Global Female Leaders 2020 agenda?

Organizers are still building the agenda, but the key topics covered will be:

  • A New Narrative for Governance and Global Cooperation.
  • Life Science, Global Health Outlook - A Human Centric Approach.
  • Sustainable Solutions for Cities and Mobility of the Future.
  • Internet and Media - Challenging and Empowering Society.

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Who are some of the other Global Female Leaders 2020 speakers?

The speakers scheduled for Global Female Leaders 2020 represent a wide variety of business and cultural experience. Here are just a few from the forum's impressive roster:

  • Dr Maha Hosain Aziz - Professor, Author, Cartoonist, NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science.
  • Dr Marleece Barber M.D. - Chief Medical Officer, Lockheed Martin.
  • Prof Yali Cong - Professor of Medical Ethics and Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Humanities, Peking University Health Science Centre, China.
  • Talia Rafaeli - Head of Israel, Partnering & Venturing, Porsche Digital, Israel.
  • Harini Kulatunga - VP & Head of Solutions, Unmanned Aerial Mobility, Airbus, UK.

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Why should I attend Global Female Leaders 2020?

You'll be hearing from and speaking with the best minds in business and policy from around the world. Global Female Leaders is not only concerned with the current state of business, but where business will be years from now. Topics discussed include diversity, technology, trade equality, globalism, and other game changing issues.

Attending the Global Female Leaders 2020 forum is a way to stay up to date with critical issues affecting world economy and the future of global business.

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