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Georgiana Laudi

Georgiana Laudi has been helping companies rapidly grow for more than 15 years. She was an early employee at Unbounce and soon became the VP of Marketing, helping increase revenue 900% in her first three years. She also helped grow her team to 35 employees. Georgiana (Gia) Laudi's current roles include Strategic Advisor at her company, A Better CX, and Founder of Forget the Funnel, an online workshop series for fledgling SaaS marketers.

Georgiana Laudi Key Information:

Date of birth

April 4, 1979


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

University attended

Concordia University

Degree attained

BA in Communications

Current roles

Strategic Advisor for A Better CX; Founder at Forget the Funnel; Freelance Marketing Executive

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Georgiana Laudi FAQs:

What is Georgiana Laudi's role at A Better CX?

Georgiana Laudi is A Better CX's SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor, where she uses her 20 years of high-growth marketing experience to help SaaS clients achieve and surpass their goals. She advises companies in properly scaling their marketing, build their best teams, and drive results.

What is Forget the Funnel?

Forget the Funnel is provides online training for early-stage SaaS providers. Founded and run by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop, Director of Marketing at Calendly, Forget the Funnel features a series of free 30-minute workshops created to help SaaS marketers succeed and grow as leaders; they also offer a far more in-depth 12-week training camp called SaaS Marketer Essentials.

Where can I find Georgiana Laudi's blog posts?

Georgiana Laudi's posts can be found at Medium and on her site. Her posts reflect her deep level of marketing insight and talent and also her commitment to helping women entrepreneurs succeed in the largely male-dominated tech workplace.

She also frequently posts on Twitter.