The Freedom Club Podcast with Curt Mercadante

The Freedom Club Podcast with Curt Mercadante

The Freedom Club podcast, hosted by Curt Mercadante, helps inspire people to pull themselves out of the ruts they've fallen into and begin to live "The Freedom Lifestyle." The Freedom Lifestyle allows a person to live their life purposefully, with the freedom to do what they're passionate about while attaining a level of financial success and comfort.

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10 Most Popular Episodes of The Freedom Club Podcast:




The Price of a Dumbed-Down, Drugged Up Society

The way we, as a society, treat talent and potential genius is stifling creativity and invention.

22 minutes

Freedom, Productivity, and Choices.

The Freedom Lifestyle depends upon true productivity, which itself depends upon intentionality.

15 minutes

How to Become a Productivity Superhero

At this halfway point of 2019 are you reaching your goals for the year? If not, there's plenty of time to turn things around.

11 minutes

It's Time to Get Out of Your Own Way

You may be stifling yourself; Mercadante discusses how to eliminate your self-limiting behavior.

18 minutes

Create More Time in Your Day

If you can define the straightest possible route to your goals you can eliminate and free yourself from wasted time.

10 minutes

The End of School with Zak Slayback

Curt interviews the author of the bestselling "The End of School," discussing entrepreneurship, homeschooling, and much more.

53 minutes

Health-Wealth and Your Financial Freedom

Curt discusses health care and much more with Dr. Josh Luke, bestselling author of "Health-Wealth" and an authority on affordable healthcare.

47 minutes

The Unique Challenges Facing Male Entrepreneurs

Guest Purdeep Sangha discusses how male entrepreneurs can avoid high-stress, mentally unhealthy jobs and relationships.

56 minutes

The Best Facebook Marketer in the World

Curt interviews 10X Factory co-founder Eric Carlson, expert marketer and salesperson and founder of One Cup Media.

1 hour

How to Become a Nomad Capitalist

Founder of the Nomad Capitalist Andrew Henderson and Curt discuss ways to reduce your tax bill, grow wealth overseas, and become global entrepreneurs.

55 minutes

Key Information About the Freedom Club Podcast:

Premiere Date

April 5, 2018


Curt Mercadante

The Freedom Club Podcast Can Be Found At:

The Freedom Club Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the Freedom Club podcast?

Because you're working hard, making money, but you feel as though there's something missing, some essential element that makes a life rewarding. Or because you're at odds with your career trajectory and are looking for deeper meaning, a deeper connection to your work, your family, your friends, and your life.

Because you want to live a life without regrets, a life you'll love. Curt Mercadante's Freedom Club podcast provides a wealth of direction and inspiration from not only Curt but other people who can help you live your full life. Plus you can get a taste of Curt's coaching, which is a huge benefit. All in the time it takes for your daily commute.

Curt Mercadante

Who Is Curt Mercadante?

Curt Mercadante was running a successful advertising / PR agency but, even as his business was growing, began to feel as though his life was missing something. Inspired by the amazing life of his father and how he lived and died the way he wanted to, on his terms, Curt started looking for an vocation that could bring him a deeper level of purpose.

Curt began coaching friends and colleagues, and soon discovered not only a latent skill but a far more fulfilling life as a business coach. He took the leap to full-time coaching and has become not only a sought-after mentor, but a popular public speaker with a highly-rated podcast series. More about Curt, his story, and his coaching services can be found at

How often are new Freedom Club podcasts produced?

Since its start in 2018, there have been an average of 2 to 3 new Freedom Club podcasts per week. They range from short bursts of inspiration running 2 to 10 minutes to in-depth interviews that last an hour or more.