For the Close Podcast with Ali Mirza - Top Episodes

For the Close Podcast with Ali Mirza

The For the Close Podcast with serial entrepreneur Ali Mirza features in-depth discussions with today's top entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketers, and business leaders. Mirza applies his knowledge of the business landscape and his own experiences as a startup founder to interviews that uncover what leads entrepreneurs toward and away from success.

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For the Close Podcast Top 10 Episodes:




Gary Boomershine

The 24-year veteran of the Silicon Valley and India startup world discusses his work in both emerging and established markets.

45 minutes

Collin Stewart

The co-CEO and co-founder of Predictable Revenue shares insights on startups and entrepreneurship.

45 minutes

Amy Volas

The creator of Avenue Talent Partners talks about her philosophy of growing startups by hiring talented salespeople.

46 minutes

Shama Hyder

Mirza interviews the Indian American entrepreneur, author, television personality, and CEO of Zen Media.

34 minutes

Stanley Meytin

The founder and creative director of True Film Production discusses visual storytelling and brand building.

50 minutes

Tommy Mello

The founder of A1 Garage Doors talks about building a multi-million dollar home service business.

43 minutes

Zen Lenon

The first sales rep to close $1 million at Yelp and the CEO & founder of ClosedWon discusses sales and entrepreneurship.

36 minutes

Nico Wilmes

The co-founder of Los Amigos Tulum talks about becoming the most influential developer in Tulum and in his investment history in Germany.

13 minutes

Todd Herman

Mirza interviews the creator of the award-winning Leadership & Skills Development Program and the author of the bestselling book "The Alter Ego Effect."

43 minutes

Cason Carter

Carter discusses his work with Broughton Partners and their development of unique software for personal injury law firms.

40 minutes

For the Close Podcast Key Information:

Premiere Date

December 14, 2018


Ali Mirza

New Episode Release

As available

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For the Close Podcast FAQs:

Why should I listen to the For the Close podcast?

Ali Mirza interviews business founders, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers who've used unique philosophies and tactics to succeed in both emerging and established industries. Featuring people operating within a broad range of industries who aren't household names (yet), For the Close provides insight into ideas that were genuinely disruptive, successful, and wildly transformative.

In addition, For the Close episodes are complemented by video versions, so you can watch as well as listen.

Who is Ali Mirza?

Ali Mirza is the president of Rose Garden Consulting, a firm that helps businesses develop and adopt scalable sales strategies that drive revenue from offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Portland, Oregon. In short, they help companies close deals. He is also a mentor at Propellant Labs and adjunct instructor at General Assembly. Mirza is also the author of the bestselling "Predictable Revenue." He is a member of YEC and 10X Factory.

Learn more about Rose Garden Consulting and their services at

How often are new episodes of For the Close released?

With Mirza having many irons in many fires, For the Close is recorded and released on a bit of a sporadic schedule. Multiple episodes will be released in a single day, then a month or so will pass, then there will another batch of episodes. Generally a month won't go by without at least one episode, and there are 22 episodes total.