Food Startups Podcast with Hema Reddy - Top Episodes & More

Food Startups Podcast

The Food Startups Podcast, hosted by Hema Reddy, focuses on the often turbulent food industry. Reddy interviews some of the most successful food industry entrepreneurs who share how they maneuvered through mistakes and failures and ultimately found success. The Food Startups Podcast features discussions with some of the biggest names in food, including Bob of Bob's Red Mill, Seth Goldman of Honest Tea, and many more.

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Food Startups Podcast Top 10 Episodes:




Build a Community Before a Food Brand

Food Startups host and founder and CEO of innovative packaged foods company Crafty Counter Hema Reddy discusses strategic marketing and community creation in the food industry.

31 minutes

On Building True Fans, Mentors, and E-Commerce Domination

Madeline Haydon of nutpods tells the story of finding success as food industry outsider.

48 minutes

The Technique of Self-Distribution and Building Strong Relationships with Buyers

Sadie Scheffer, founder and CEO of Bread Srsly, explains how they grew their gluten free sourdough bread business via self-distribution.

48 minutes

Inside the Buyer's Brain

Alli Ball has opened several successful retail locations and also advises on how to effectively and productively communicate with buyers.

41 minutes

How to Join and Thrive at a Food Startup

B'More Organic's Amanda Sains discusses rebranding and getting placement on national platforms like The Rachel Ray Show.

28 minutes

How to Last in the Natural Foods Space

Living Intentions' Joshua McHugh talks about shepherding his food business through 13 years in an industry in which most startups don't make it a decade.

35 minutes

Raising Money + Lessons from 1,000 Founders

Steven from CircleUp has spoken to more than 1,000 founders and shares the characteristics of a successful business.

41 minutes

Logistics Strategy Part 1

Andrew Lynch, co-founder and president of Zipline Logistics, discusses strategy in the food and beverage industry.

34 minutes

How to Reinvent Yourself, Build Startups

Tobias Peggs of Square Roots tells the story of pivoting from successful tech entrepreneurship to his Brooklyn farming accelerator.

41 minutes

A Pragmatic, Visionary Capitalist

Michael Joseph, CEO of Green Chef, discusses all the variables that go into a successful food business, including logistics, labeling, and more.

42 minutes

Food Startups Podcast - Key Information:

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Why should I listen to the Food Startups Podcast?

The food industry is not an easy one to break into, and it can be even more difficult to maintain success. The Food Startups Podcast, in more than 170 episodes and counting, features in-depth conversations with successful entrepreneurs running both retail and B2B businesses, and covers every aspect of today's food industry.

From food industry pioneers to VCs to marketers to logistics providers, the Food Startups Podcast's guests tell their stories and share critical advice about how to build a successful food startup.

Learn more with our list of the Food Startups Podcast's top 10 episodes.

Who is Food Startups Podcast host Hema Reddy?

Hema Reddy has a wealth of experience in the food industry. She's the founder and CEO of Crafty Counter and the creator of wundernuggets, sold in stores across the United States and on

Hema combined her experience as a busy mom who wanted to serve her kids food they'd like, that was nutritious but also easy to prepare. She applies her knowledge of the ins and outs of growing a food business to her interviews with other successful food business founders.

Find out where to start with our list of the Food Startups Podcast top 10 episodes.

Is the Food Startups Podcast only for those in the food industry?

While the Food Startups Podcast does, of course, focus on food businesses and entrepreneurs, any founder or potential founder could benefit from listening. Anybody in consumer packaged goods can learn about logistics, dealing with buyers, packaging, and more. And other founders can get inspiration from those who thrive in a tough industry.

Read about the Food Startups Podcast's top 10 episodes.