The European Life Sciences CEO Forum - Overview

European Life Sciences CEO Forum

The European Life Sciences CEO Forum, or ELSCEO, is a yearly gathering of both established leaders and startups from the global biotech and pharma industry. The forum, held by Sachs Associates, features 60 corporate presentations from all levels of bio-pharma with an audience of more than 350 delegates. The CEO forum also provides a means to arrange one-on-one meetings prior to the event.

The 12th Annual ELSCEO forum also included a follow-on conference focused on the development of Israel's bio-pharma industry. The GoForIsrael portion of the CEO forum featured major companies in Israel's biotech and medtech community.

European Life Sciences CEO Forum Key Information:


February 25 - 26, 2019


Zurich, Switzerland

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European Life Sciences CEO Forum FAQs:

What are some of the main sessions held at the European Life Sciences CEO Forum?

The plenary sessions all concern investments and raising money in biotech and medtech. They include the following:

  • "Latest Trends in Fundraising & Investment" - Private Equity & VC Panel.
  • Pharma DealMakers Roundtable.
  • "Prospects for 2019" - Global Biopharma Industry Review Panel.
  • Rising Stars - Startup Showcase.

What are the subjects covered in the ELSCEO Forum keynotes?

  • "The Scientific & Investment Potential of Cannabinoids" - Jim DeMesa, CEO, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals.
  • "Considering an IPO: How to Best Prepare Yourself for this Enabling Step" - Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Brysch, Founder & CEO, MetrioPharm AG.

Who are Sachs Associates?

Sachs Associates plans and provides the infrastructure for bio-pharma, medtech, and digital health throughout Europe and the United States. They focus on enabling the exchange of ideas and business transactions. Sachs Associates provides the online one to one meeting platform, creates an agenda featuring leading-edge content with innovative industry leaders, and secures sponsorship for the events.

Who are some of the speakers at the European Life Sciences CEO Forum?

The speakers and panel chairs for the ELFCEO Forum include the most knowledgeable and innovative leaders from the biotech, medtech, and pharma industry worldwide:

  • Constantine Chinoporos - CBO, Boston Pharmaceuticals.
  • Esteban Pombo Villar - CEO, TargImmune Therapeutics AG.
  • Grace Colon - CEO, InCarda Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Michael Altorfer - CEO, Swiss Biotech Association.
  • Nathalie ter Wengel - European Head External R&D and Innovation, Pfizer, Inc.

What is the GoForIsrael Life Sciences Conference?

GoForIsrael is one of Israel's leading business conferences, and this year features their first Life Sciences conference. Making it part of the European Life Sciences CEO Forum ensures that a large number of biotech, medtech, and pharma investors are already on site, ready to learn about and potentially fund Israel's best life sciences startups.