EO NERVE 2019 - Cost, Key Information & Overview


EO NERVE, themed REBIRTH for 2019, is the Entrepreneurs' Organization's East Region conference for entrepreneurs of all stages. The theme REBIRTH indicates the spirit of the conference, which is to rethink everything in business and life. EO NERVE is open to all ages of entrepreneurs and founders, balancing speaker events and workshops with networking and exploring the host city, Charleston, South Carolina.


Admission to EO NERVE 2019 costs $1,499.00 for EO members and guests. New EO members receive a $500.00 discount.

EO NERVE 2019 Key Information:


September 24 - 27, 2019


Charleston, South Carolina


$1,499.00 for EO members & guests


Why is this year's NERVE entrepreneur convention themed REBIRTH?

Along with being able to adapt to and work with new challenges, sometimes it helps to stop and rethink everything you're doing. EO NERVE has dedicated this entire conference around the concept of rebirth from the ground up in work and personal life.

What is REBIRTH EO NERVE 2019's agenda?

NERVE 2019 starts off late afternoon Tuesday with an opening session with Keynote Speaker Alan Mulally. Wednesday begins early with breakout sessions and continues in that vein throughout the day. There are also "destination" events you can opt for, which take you to locations of note throughout historic Charleston.

Thursday features more breakout sessions, capped by another keynote on the U.S.S. Yorktown aircraft carrier. The three day event also includes several "MyEO" activities such as group runs, bike tours, and luncheons.

Who are some of EO NERVE 2019's speakers?

In the spirit of REBIRTH, this year's NERVE conference features thought leaders who are familiar with rethinking ideas from the bottom up:

  • Divya Chander - Chair of Neuroscience, Singularity University.
  • Alan Mulally - Former President & CEO, Ford Motor Company.
  • Scott Parazynski - Physician, Astronaut, & Tech CEO.
  • Amin Toufani - CEO, T Labs.
  • John Spence - Author, Thought Leader, & Advisor.

Should I register for EO NERVE 2019 sessions in advance?

On the agenda you'll notice there are a number of overlapping events. EO NERVE events will be held in a number of locations, each with limited seating, so it's important that you register for events in advance rather than just showing up. If you do show up without prior registration, efforts will be made to seat you, but no promises.