Entrepreneurs' Organization - Membership Costs & Requirements

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Entrepreneurs' Organization, or EO, is one of the world's largest mastermind groups, enabling more than 13,000 like-minded entrepreneurs to learn from and help each other via online forums, events, and educational and leadership growth opportunities. The nonprofit Entrepreneurs' Organization's mission is to help the world's leading entrepreneurs grow.

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Entrepreneurs' Organization Cost:

Currently, Entrepreneurs' Organization membership costs are comprised of a $2,500.00 USD initiation fee and yearly dues of $2,400.00 USD (prorated to fiscal month).

Entrepreneurs' Organization Key Information:

Year founded

1987 (as Young Entrepreneurs' Organization)


Verne Harnish


Alexandria, Virginia


1 (703) 519-6700


500 Montgomery Street, Suite 700, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA

Entrepreneurs' Organization Can Be Found At:

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Regional Entrepreneurs' Organization Chapters:

The Entrepreneurs' Organization is comprised of local chapters. Your application for membership is approved by your local chapter, so chances are they'll find you during the process. That said, here are some local chapter websites:


What are Entrepreneurs' Organization's membership requirements?

The requirements to become an EO member are relatively stringent. You must be the owner, founder, or majority shareholder of a business that's earned at least $1 million USD in the past fiscal year. Venture-backed companies are required to have raised either $2 million in private funds or $5 million in public funds, and must have at least 10 employees.

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What do I get with an Entrepreneurs' Organization membership?

Unparalleled access to the best minds in business from across the world. Members network with other local entrepreneurs through their chapters, they can join forums (the highest-rated EO benefit) of 7 - 10 fellow entrepreneurs offering confidential peer-to-peer sharing about both business and personal issues, and they can attend both local and national networking and learning events. EO members also have access to a wide array of online resources, including courses and podcasts.

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What was the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization?

The Young Entrepreneurs' Organization was the original mastermind group founded with 22 members in 1987. They expanded with chapters both across the US and globally, and in the mid 90s founded the World Entrepreneurs' Organization as a complimentary "graduate" organization YEO members could cycle into (instead of aging out of the organization).

In the early 2000s the groups merged to form the Entrepreneurs' Organization, which now boasts more than 13,000 members from 186 chapters in 58 countries.

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What is the Entrepreneurs' Organization accelerator program?

EO Accelerator was created to help startup entrepreneurs grow their businesses to more than $1 million USD in annual sales. The entry requirements are less rigid than those for EO, with businesses having to pull in at least $250,000 USD in gross yearly revenue to qualify.

This startup accelerator provides founders with the opportunity to meet with and be advised by extremely successful entrepreneurs from around the world. The cost is $1,750 USD per participant per year. Membership includes quarterly full-day learning sessions, monthly accountability meetings, use of EO's tools, and access to other EO events.

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What is the Entrepreneurs' Organization's Octane Blog?

The EO's Octane Blog features blog posts from Entrepreneurs' Organization members worldwide. Considering that the EO's membership consists of some of the world's highest-performing entrepreneurs, the Octane Blog is full of useful information covering all aspects of running all types of businesses. With more than 1,000 posts written by the best minds in business, it's definitely a blog you want to bookmark.

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