Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast with John Lee Dumas - Top Episodes & More

Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast

The award-winning Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas features interviews with startup founders and established entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs on Fire provides insight into the steps these businesspeople took and are taking to grow their companies, breaking down the combination of hard work and inspired ideas that lead to success.

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Each episode of Entrepreneurs on Fire contains three Value Bombs, or takeaways, you can use to increase business, market better, sell better, and live better.

Entrepreneurs on Fire - Top 10 Episodes:




How to Connect with Anyone You Want with Travis Chappell

Direct Sales Consultant Chappell discusses the top 3 value bombs you can use when reaching out to people.

50 minutes

How to Get What You Truly Want in Life & Business with Cliff Ravenscraft

Life and mindset expert Ravenscraft talks about belief, having the right people in your life, and how intentionality leads to achievement.

53 minutes

How to Successfully Scale and Develop Your Product with Jared Haw

The founder of EPower Corp shares 3 ways you can add great value while creating and scaling your product.

35 minutes

Income Report for July 2019: Trip Preparation & More

In this monthly series John Lee Dumas shares details of running a 7-figure business, including wins, mistakes, and lessons learned.

44 minutes

The One-Day Summit Formula with Dr. Mark Wade

The founder of Virtual Summits Software discusses summits and how the One-Day Summit is the beginning of your customer journey.

48 minutes

1997: 3 Ways to Avoid Being an Unhealthy Entrepreneur with Eric Martinez

Exercise and nutrition guru Martinez talks about finding exercise you can do for the long term and treating your fitness journey like a marathon, not a sprint.

22 minutes

Oprah Winfrey's Commencement Address at Harvard

An episode devoted to Winfrey's landmark commencement address.

22 minutes

Meet Auxbus: Professional Podcasts, in Less Time, for Less Money with Dan Radin

Auxbus CEO Radin discusses how to get more listeners for less money.

47 minutes

Pay Yourself First with Curtis Ray

Bestselling author Ray shares why to pay yourself first and how to be efficient with the money you make.

46 minutes

Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy with Author James Whittaker

Whittaker discusses the lessons we've learned from Napoleon Hill's iconic book.

25 minutes

Entrepreneurs on Fire - Key Information:

Premiere Date

September 22, 2012


John Lee Dumas

New Episode Release

Every 2-3 days

Entrepreneurs on Fire Can Be Found At:


Why should I listen to the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast?

Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas features some of the world's most well known entrepreneurs who deliver actionable advice in their topics of expertise. John Lee Dumas himself has an inspirational story, and knows what it takes to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. He knows what new entrepreneurs need to hear, and gets the best out of his interview subjects.

In addition, Entrepreneurs on Fire is one of the longest-running podcasts; it launched in 2012 and Dumas has created and released more than 2,000 episodes since then. If you want to hear what a particular businessperson, speaker, or author has to say, chances are Dumas has had them on the show, and if you want to hear about a specific topic, he's probably covered it.

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Who is John Lee Dumas?

John Lee Dumas (or JLD, as he likes to be called) spent 8 years in the Army before he left and had to find employment. He tried a number of different positions, but nothing fit quite right. Then he learned about podcasts. He started listening to them during his commute, then realized that while a lot of podcasts featured entrepreneurs none were telling the story of becoming an entrepreneur.

He met his wife Kate, who quit her corporate job to become John's partner in Entrepreneurs on Fire. They continue to tell the behind the scenes stories of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. You can learn more about their journey here, and you find out more about Kate and find episodes of podcast Kate's Take here.

Discover the top 10 episodes of Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Who are some of the entrepreneurs who've been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire?

After more than 2,000 episodes, it's more a matter of who hasn't been on the show. Entrepreneurs on Fire features entrepreneurs from, well, thousands of different organizations. Some of the most well known are practically household names: Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Barbara Corcoran, and many, many more.

Entrepreneurs on Fire features experts on business, life/work balance, health, money, and virtually any other topic that benefits entrepreneurs.

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