Millionaire Business School Entrepreneur Convention 2019

Entrepreneur Convention 2019

The Millionaire Business School Entrepreneur Convention 2019 in Seri Kembangan, Selangor Malaysia is an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs and business founders to network, pitch to potential investors, and attend speaking events led by top business leaders. The convention is designed to help those with great ideas and drive make their plans become reality.

Millionaire Business School Entrepreneur Convention 2019 Cost:

The Entrepreneur Convention itself is free. Your expenses will include travel, lodging, and food.

Entrepreneur Convention 2019 Key Information:


October 12, 2019


Seri Kembangan, Selangor Malaysia



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Entrepreneur Convention 2019 FAQs:

What is the Millionaire Business School?

The Millionaire Business School is an offshoot of Portman College's Millionaire Business Club, an exclusive club open to all registered Portman students that provides a sound financial education.

The Millionaire Business Club holds regular seminars, roundtables, and discussions about important topics including Business Investment, Business Management, Paper Assets Management, Real Estate Investment, and Commodities Investment.

Who are some of the Entrepreneur Convention 2019's featured speakers?

The roster of 6 speakers is not yet available, but past speakers include Ernie Chen, Asia's #1 Business Coach, and Elizabeth Siew, Co-Founder, LePro System Berhad. Topics covered included how to start a business and attract partners / co-founders and the legal perspective to starting a business.

Will the Entrepreneur Convention 2019 have networking opportunities?

Absolutely - the Entrepreneur Convention 2019 features a business networking session for you to meet and develop connections with other motivated founders and entrepreneurs.