Top 3 Reasons You Should Join an Entrepreneur Club

Why You Should Join an Entrepreneur Club

An entrepreneur club most commonly (but not exclusively) consists of business students who meet to discuss entrepreneurship topics. Subjects covered can include how to run a successful startup, how to hire the best employees, and other current issues encountered by budding entrepreneurs.

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Why You Should Join an Entrepreneur Club:

1. Learn about real-world entrepreneurship issues.

College and high school entrepreneur clubs exist in addition to classroom education, complementing classwork with events such as visits from community business leaders. While schoolwork focuses on general business issues, a student entrepreneurship club can introduce and work through challenges faced by real-word businesses.

Students in entrepreneurship clubs can create and launch mock (or actual) businesses and experiment with and experience product launch, marketing, expanding, and other stepping stones encountered by startup founders.

2. Create a business network.

Entrepreneurship clubs enable students to meet with other students and local business founders and think through issues together. Budding entrepreneurs can discover who they like to work with and how they like to work, and can make connections that last beyond graduation, connections that could lead to startup financing, access to professional business organizations, and more.

Students in entrepreneurship clubs often leave school with a solidly constructed business network, which can be priceless to a future business founder.

3. Learn how to work through failure in a low-stakes environment.

Not every business succeeds, and every successful businessperson has experienced failure at least once in their career. A student entrepreneurship club can provide a lab environment in which one can not only learn what makes a business succeed, but what makes it fail, and how to pick up the pieces afterward.

Most of the world's most successful CEOs attribute their current success to lessons they learned from past failures. It's far easier to have a mock organization fail and learn from that failure than to weather the failure and financial challenge of a real-world business going under.

Find an Entrepreneur Club Near You:

Entrepreneur Club

College / University


Wharton Entrepreneurship Club

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Zurich, Switzerland

Kellogg Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois

Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization

Columbia Business School

New York, New York


Multiple USC locations

Los Angeles, California

HBS Entrepreneurship Club

Harvard Business School

Boston, Massachusetts

Future Business Leaders of America

High schools throughout the U.S.

Reston, Virginia

Foster Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

UW Foster School of Business

Seattle, Washington

Entrepreneurship Club

Rice University

Houston, Texas

Entrepreneurship & Venture Club

Michigan Ross - University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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University of Iowa

Ames, Iowa

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Top Student Entrepreneurship Clubs
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  • Future Business Leaders of America
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  • Kellogg Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club


How do I find an entrepreneur club near me?

If you're attending college or university, check with your Student Organizations Office or look for the "Student Organizations" link on your school's website. Student entrepreneurship clubs often have their own websites, so you could also search for "entrepreneurship club" plus "[your college name]" and get contact information.

If you're in high school, check with your academic counselor or Economics teacher.

Or review our list to find an entrepreneur club near you.

Can I find entrepreneur clubs online?

It shouldn't be too difficult to find an online entrepreneur club. Many entrepreneurship clubs offer an online component to complement their in-person events, but there are also entirely virtual entrepreneur clubs. You can find some on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example.

Just search online and you'll find a number of clubs to choose from.

Find an entrepreneur club near you.

What are some entrepreneur club activities?

There are many possibilities. Often entrepreneur clubs will feature local businesspeople speaking about their experiences in business or acting as mentors to the organization. One of the most beneficial activities concerns starting your own business: coming up with a solid idea, creating a business plan, launching your business, and working through challenges.

Some student entrepreneur clubs will challenge members to come up with money making ideas to support the club, such as organizing silent auctions or selling products on campus.

Visit our list of local entrepreneur clubs.

How do I start a college or high school entrepreneur club?

If your school doesn't already have a club for budding entrepreneurs, you can certainly start one on your own. Start talking about it and see if there's appreciable interest; if there is, hold a few informal meeting to see if it's sustainable. Then decide upon a name and make it official through your Student Organizations Office.

Once you have the club in place, you can decide what business issues you want to tackle and start approaching local business leaders for speaking engagements or club mentorship.

Get inspiration by visiting an entrepreneur club near you.