Best Entrepreneur & Small Business Blogs of 2019

Best Entrepreneur & Small Business Blogs

The best entrepreneur and small business blogs provide an insider's perspective into being a successful entrepreneur and small business owner. Entrepreneur and SMB blogs can cover day-to-day issues such as the best tools to use to help you do business, or can cover broad topics concerning what it is to be an entrepreneur or small business owner, how to get through the tough times, and how to keep business life in perspective.

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The Top Entrepreneur Blogs of 2019:

The top entrepreneur blogs provide a forum to commiserate about the downsides of running a business - uncertainty, cash flow issues, long hours - while celebrating wins such as landing your first big client or going through a successful round of funding. The best blogs let you know you're not alone in your struggles to get your startup off the ground, and help you find your path to success.

1. 500 Startups.

500 Startups is a well-known seed accelerator and educational resource for entrepreneurs, and their blog reflects their years of helping business founders grow their startups. The 500 Startups entrepreneur blog uses their experience to educate entrepreneurs on topics ranging from diversity to tips and trends in entrepreneurship to venture capital and more. Add the 500 Startups blog to your daily reading list to stay on the front lines of entrepreneurial thought.

2. Startup Digest.

The Startup Digest blog is a curated collection of entrepreneurial news from around the world. They employ regional curators, so you're getting information that may otherwise have slipped under your radar. The blog takes deep dives into critical topics such as understanding and building your brand identity, digital marketing stats and techniques, marketing automation, and much more.

3. Startup Mindset.

Startup Mindset is an entrepreneur blog that's built up hundreds of posts over the last 5 years covering all aspects of entrepreneurship. Blog categories range from the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle to "Find Your Way," a collection of posts that help guide you through the high and low points of being an entrepreneur. From business book reviews to "Why Your Product Launch Failed and What to Do to Keep it from Happening Again," Startup Mindset deserves a place in your online library.

4. The Entrepreneurial Mind.

Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont College, launched this entrepreneur blog 16 years ago. His posts provide guidance for both startup and seasoned entrepreneurs, featuring "The Entrepreneurial Minute" videos that deftly address complex topics such as "What Can I Do on a Daily Basis to Grow as an Entrepreneur?" and "Is Open Book Management a Good Idea?" The videos also feature guests such as Shawn Thompson of Logo My Logo and Tyler Newkirk of

5. Peter Shallard's Blog.

Peter Shallard is a business psychology expert who calls himself "The Shrink for Entrepreneurs." As such, his blog focuses on the psychology of entrepreneurship, offering advice on topics including "What to Do when You Lose Passion for the Thing You Do Best" and "How to Stay Informed Without Compromising on Focus and Productivity." It's a refreshing take on how to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally while running your business.

The Best Women Entrepreneur Blogs
The Best Women Entrepreneur Blogs:
  • Women on Business.
  • She Owns It.
  • Leaders in Heels.
  • Women 2.0.
  • Female Entrepreneur Association.
  • The League of Her Own Blog.
  • The Middle Finger Project Blog.

The Best Small Business Blogs of 2019:

The best small business blogs speak directly to the challenges faced by small business owners, whether they occupy brick and mortar space, operate an ecommerce site, or both. Small business owners can range from construction company operators to Etsy shop owners, and the top small business blogs provide something for every type of SMB owner.

1. Big Ideas for Small Business.

Attorney, author, and public speaker Barbara Weltman is the driving force behind this blog that provides important tax and legal information for small business owners. While many of the posts feature nuts and bolts advice regarding small business taxes and law, this small business blog also covers other issues faced by small business owners, such as employee mental health, business branding strategies, and how to improve your website's search visibility.

2. Mind My Businesss.

Mind My Business provides a combination of foundational and motivational posts for all types of small businesses and small business owners. Posts range from the immediately practical, such as "5 Reasons Why You Might Get Denied an EIN" and "4 Tips for Exporting Food to the United States" to the more general (but equally useful) "Reducing Your Stress Levels When You Run a Small Business" and "6 Ways to Bolster Your Productivity." Mind My Business is a small business blog in which all types of business owners can find something that will help them run their businesses better.

3. Small Biz Survival.

Launched in 2006, Small Biz Survival has long been a go-to resource and one of the best blogs for small business owners in rural areas or small towns. Posts are categorized according to what stage your small business is in, from launch to initial growth to leveling up. The blog emphasizes the use of social media to grow beyond the boundaries of your area, and provides a space for rural small business owners to share their successes.

4. The Duct Tape Marketing Blog.

The Duct Tape Marketing Blog is the voice of small business marketing expert John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing, an online marketing service for small businesses. The blog features guidance on the multiple online marketing issues facing small business owners, such as how to engage customers on social media and how to create a successful SEO campaign for your SMB.

5. BizSugar.

BizSugar is a crowd-curated blog that contains a wealth of expert marketing advice for small business owners. You'll find AMAs with subject matter experts on podcasting, social media, content marketing, and more, combined with blog posts covering more general small business advice such as how to obtain small business loans and the best ways to upsell your customers. BizSugar is a valuable resource for small business tech and general business operation.

Best Young Entrepreneur Blogs
Best Young Entrepreneur Blogs:
  • Under30CEO.
  • The YSN Blog.
  • Noobpreneur.
  • NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation.
  • Sam Altman's Blog.
  • Entrepreneur's Young Entrepreneur Blog.

Best Entrepreneur & Small Business Blogs FAQs:

How do I start a blog for my small business?

If you're interested in starting your own blog there are a few things to keep in mind, the most important being whether you, as a small business owner, have the time to maintain a blog. When you start a small business blog you should commit to at least 2 - 3 posts a week - are you able to do that? Further, do you have enough topics to write about? Do you have a unique take on those topics? Do you even like to write? Because you don't want to be another site that has six blog posts total, the most recent one having been published in 2017.

When you decide to start a small business blog you should be honest as to whether you're starting the blog because you have a lot to say, and say well, or whether you're doing it because everybody has a blog and you don't want to be left out. If it's the latter, there are many other ways to build content on your site that may interest you far more than blogging.

Are there any good blogs for black entrepreneurs or businesspeople of color?

There are a number of blogs that speak directly to the experiences of and challenges faced by black entrepreneurs and businesspeople of color, including:

What are some of the best blogs for starting a business?

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging time for an entrepreneur, and often presents unexpected challenges. Blogs on starting a business provide advice from entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, advice that can be invaluable to avoid falling into traps that trip up startup founders. Here are a few of the best blogs for starting a business:

  • Small Business Trends - contains a wealth of information regarding all aspects of starting and running a small business.
  • Penelope Trunk's Blog - Penelope Trunk has founded and grown 4 startups, and here she shares her advice about starting a small business along with issues faced by women entrepreneurs.
  • killerstartups - this small business blog is full of advice and tools for those starting a small business.
  • OnStartups - HubSpot CTO Darmesh Shah's blog covering all topics about founding and running a startup.
  • Gene Marks' Blog - a compilation of leading small business expert Gene Marks' articles from across the web.

What are the best small business marketing blogs?

There are a plethora of marketing blogs, but a few focus specifically on marketing for small businesses. Here are some of the top small business marketing blogs:

  • CopyBlogger - the CopyBlogger blog provides actionable advice about how best to use copy to market your small business.
  • DIY Marketers Blog - features tons of information about how your small business can benefit from online and print marketing.
  • OkDork - entrepreneur Noah Kagan offers advice on starting a business, entrepreneurship, productivity, and much more.
  • Seth Godin's Blog - expert marketer Seth Godin's blog is the gold standard for effectively marketing all types of businesses.
  • MarketingProfs - contains tens of thousands of marketing resources for businesses of all kinds.