The Top Ecommerce Communities You Need to Join

The Top Ecommerce Communities You Need to Join

An ecommerce community is an online group in which ecommerce business owners and creators discuss issues pertinent to the industry. The top ecommerce communities help keep their members at the leading edge of the business, and discussions can include online security standards, shopping cart platforms, and more.

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The Top Ecommerce Communities You Need to Join:

Ecommerce Community



7-figure store owners




Online marketplace (e.g., Amazon, eBay, etc.) sellers

Digital Point eCommerce Forums


Warrior Forum

Ecommerce business owners & digital marketers

BigCommerce Community

BigCommerce platform users

Shopify Ecommerce University

Shopify store owners

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon sellers

eCommerce Squad Facebook Group

Ecommerce business owners - closed group

E-commerce World Facebook Group


Dropshipping Product Research Facebook Group

Ecommerce dropshippers

Cross-Border Ecommerce Community (CBEC)

Global ecommerce merchants

Platform-Based Ecommerce Communities
Platform-Based Ecommerce Communities
  • BigCommerce Community - BigCommerce users.
  • Shopify Ecommerce University - Shopify users.
  • The Magento Community Hub - Magento users.
  • concrete5 Community Forum - concrete5 users.
  • Salesforce Trailblazers Community - Salesforce users.
Best Open Ecommerce Communities
Best Open Ecommerce Communities:
  • EcommerceBytes.
  • Digital Point eCommerce Forums.
  • Warrior Forum.
  • E-commerce World Facebook Group.


I just created an ecommerce store - how do I find the best ecommerce communities for beginners?

While there are some ecommerce communities that limit their membership by the amount of revenue the store is pulling in, many of the best ecommerce communities have open membership and allow members to search through a knowledge base of discussions to get answers to entry-level questions.

The ecommerce community's membership requirements are usually made pretty clear, as communities with limited membership will have you go through an application process to be considered as a potential part of the group.

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What are the rules of an ecommerce community?

Each ecommerce community will have its own rules, so it's a good idea to read through the guidelines of any group you join. In general, though, ecommerce communities will insist that you treat other members in a cordial and respectful manner. An ecommerce community manager or moderator will monitor the community to ensure that the rules are adhered to.

Another good general rule to keep in mind is that you typically get out of a community what you put into it; you're not there just to get your questions answered, but to help others when you can. Interaction is what an ecommerce community or any online group is all about.

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How can I communicate with other ecommerce community developers?

There are a lot of moving parts in an ecommerce site - the catalog, the shopping cart, checkout, and more. To address that, most of the top ecommerce groups host an active ecommerce developers' community devoted to discussing developer issues and solving problems developers encounter.

Most of the major ecommerce platforms have their own ecommerce communities, and the more popular platforms also have communities created by independent users and developers. It's just a matter of searching and finding the community that works best for you.

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How do I build an ecommerce customer community?

If you want to build a community driving ecommerce sales, the best place to start is social media. Take some time to find the platforms that are both most likely to interest your customers and that you'll be able to regularly post on. Some store owners use Pinterest, some use Facebook, some use Twitter, some use all three and more.

Keep in mind that you're starting a conversation, so be sure to post regularly and respond to customer issues. You can also create a forum on your ecommerce site in which customers can post issues and questions.

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Are there ecommerce communities for site owners who sell internationally?

There are a lot of challenges specific to cross border selling - local laws, currency conversion, and shipping methods are just a few. Since the major platforms have upgrades for selling internationally, there are typically cross border ecommerce community pages on their forums in which you can discuss those issues.

There is also the Cross-Border Ecommerce Community (CBEC) that focuses exclusively on issues pertinent to owners and developers of online stores that sell internationally.

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Do ecommerce communities ever meet in person?

The benefit of an ecommerce online community is that you can access it anytime, anywhere, and get answers from other store owners, developers, and marketers across the globe. That said, if you want to discuss issues face to face, some ecommerce communities do hold conferences for people to interact in person.

In addition, many of the big tech conferences dedicate some of their programming to ecommerce, so you can hear speakers and attend ecommerce-specific sessions to get up-to-date information about running an ecommerce store.

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